Sweetened vs. Un-sweetened... thoughts?

Apologies if this has already been discussed at some point.

I’m new to all this and am considering getting on-board the Huel train but wondered what people’s thoughts were about sweetened Vs un-sweetened.

Has anyone tried both?

Did you prefer one over the other?

How easy is it to add real flavour or sweetness (not just syrups) to un-sweetened Huel and did this taste better than the vanilla huel?

Hope someone can help me out as I’m really keen to give this a try.

Many thanks :slight_smile:


I have tried both and unsweetened and unflavoured (U/U) is very hardcore. The taste is very earthy and even with considerable flavour added I could not drink it. You could easily sweeten it. Huel use Sucralose which you can buy online.

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I find unsweetened too hard to handle and sweetened too sweet so use half and half. Doesn’t matter which versions…all seem fine to me.

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I would only drink U/U flavoured, but I’ve met folks who drink it neat (not recommended). I didn’t find it hard to flavour though, in fact the sample flavour pack made 9 pretty decent shakes for me (I only make two-scoop shakes maybe that helped). Vanilla new and improved all the way though, it’s delicious and I don’t know why you’d want anything else

Yes, I’ve currently tried.

Old Vanilla (why is there old vanilla!). New Vanilla and UU.

For me, I can’t tell the difference between old and new, they are both quite sweet, but with a subtle flavour.

I got UU because to my brain, adding say maple to it should make it more maple and less maple and vanilla.

So it’s true, if you want a maple flavour, you get a better maple flavour with UU+ Maple.


You use a lot more flavour to get there.

UU on it’s own is as other have said really hard cord, so unless you have a reason to reset your taste buds, then I’d look at UU+ flavour.

I posted this in another thread about uu vs vanilla with the mint choc chip flavour.

So with vanilla,it’s more like mint choc chip ice cream. The choc part is nice, the mint a little artificial, but it’s very sweet! Even my teen daughter who is the chocolate queen, says it’s too sweet.

With the UU (<- omg I’m into huel acronyms now) it’s much more subtle, and I think more like an aero bar taste, so more like a darker choc mint.

Hope that helps, and its interesting to hear that others are doing to 1/2/ mix, as it’s something I’m tempted to do, but I’m going to ask in the feedback forum first!

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I prefer Original Vanilla the most. I’m quite happy drinking that neat, or adding something else to it like organic cacao powder or those sachets of drinking powders which are 30p or so (Cadburys fudge, Maltersers or a supermarket’s own brand belgian choc or dark choc).

U/U is okay but needs something added to be enjoyable.

Wasn’t that keen on New Vanilla so won’t be buying that again.


I actually like the taste of U/U and have been drinking it straight for a year…