Experiences from going from vanilla to unflavoured?

Hey guys!

As a little prologue, I really love this little forum community almost everyone is so helpful and willing to share (and on occasion over share - we still love you!).

I have had huel v1.2 and 2.0. Both vanilla. Overall it’s alright, but I dont seem to get distinct flavours when making different shakes. Although, adding some cinnamon and a dash of coffee is very nice! Always this overriding taste (obvs the vanilla element).

Im ordering my third batch soon and would love to know how people, if there are any, got on moving from vanilla to unflavoured and flavouring it yourself!

Was there a stark difference to the variety of flavours that could be achieved? I know drinking it straight is a little grim (as I’ve read) and at least vanilla almost tastes nice!

Hi, I went from vanilla to unflavoured and I’ll be going back to vanilla. The unflavoured is very earthy, even when mixing with either the chocolate or strawberry flavour system. I also found that it doesn’t mix as well in a blender.

I tried a bag of unflavoured with my first order. Plain was not for me; earthy is the perfect description for it. I then made the mistake of trying an improvised savoury version with chicken stock. It was so fowl I threw two thirds away & I never throw food out.

I ended up mixing the rest 50/50 with vanilla or adding obscene amounts of maple syrup or honey. Since then I’ve stuck with the vanilla version, though I’m still tempted by U/U so I can try savoury flavours. If I do that again I’ll go with suggested recipes from this forum as it’s not easy to get right.

That all said, others prefer U/U whether because Vanilla is too sweet for them or as it allows more flexibility when adding other flavours. You really need to try it yourself.

Incidentally I wasn’t terribly keen on even the vanilla at first; drinkable but not nice. That changed after just a week or two & I love it now. I can only assume my body learned it makes me feel healthier & my perception of the taste changed accordingly. It was a real surprise to notice such an extreme swing which adds weight to the argument that even if you don’t find it palatable at first it is worth persisting for a few weeks at least.

Hopefully you’ll get a more positive response about U/U; someone’s buying the stuff :wink:

The unintentional pun is hilarious: fowl/foul :slight_smile:


You’re right. If it had been more fowl it wouldn’t have been as foul.


I tried a straight swap to Us/Uf. Really didn’t like it. But… it’s a really good base for adding flavourings, particularly if you’re trying savoury ones.

Most of the time, I’m now using 50/50 Vanilla - Us/Uf as a starting point and then adding sweet flavourings (like the Huel Flavour Packs)