U&U vs Vanilla - Which do you prefer?

So, I’ve just had my first Vanilla Huel (2.0), thanks to the wonderful t00sp00ky for sending me his wrongly purchased bags for free. Top lad.

Opening the bag and smelling the contents, I straight away thought of vanilla ice cream. Interestingly, I asked a few co-workers what they smelt.

  • Vanilla Oats
  • Ice Cream
  • Vanilla Cream
  • Why does this look like cocaine (always one)

It’s extremely hot today in London, so I made a vanilla Huel, 500ml 2 scoops with a single ice cube and my dear God, it’s lovely. Some interesting things I have experienced that I wonder if others have too.

As soon as the liquid hits my tongue, it’s very sugary; almost like a bit of granulated sugar on my tongue. Then you get the oats and once swallowed, a hint of vanilla. It’s nicely balanced for me, personally, but the sugar experience for the first second is a bit weird. Anyone else get that? It isn’t enough to ruin it for me, might just take a bit of getting use to.

My co-worker who recommended Huel to me convinced me to get the U&U to start with, as I was leaning towards the Vanilla (how ironic). I got the Strawberry flavouring from Huel after reading a few other experiences on the forum, because it’s just a little toooooo muchhhhhhh oat flavour with the U&U, but I expected that, so no issues there.

I think from now on, I’m going to use the Vanilla as the untouched drink solution and use the U&U for cooking. Got the PDF of recipes from Huel (thanks) and there look like some great things to try.

Overall, a rough week for my eating due to my job being manic busy, but interesting tests. Tried a few things but actually prefer the Vanilla on its own. A lot of people go for a coffee solution, but that doesn’t work for me as I don’t like or drink coffee; shocker, right? I’m 26 and never lived off it.

So, I’m firmly in the Vanilla ‘boat’.

Thanks again to t00sp00ky for the generosity and next week I’ll be on the Huel path for real.

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I started out with only vanilla but after a few weeks the taste became too sweet for me. Probably because I have a lot less sugar in my diet overall now and have become more sensitive to out. I started adding more and more UU to my vanilla and now I’m at about 1 part vanilla to three parts UU.

U&U forever!

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As Tina said, I started out with Vanilla as well but after a month or so it became too sweet and I found it sickly. I now have 1 scoop Vanilla and 2 scoops U&U and it’s perfect. I tried to wean myself off Vanilla by reducing the Vanilla flavour every week so I’d eventually end up with half a scoop of Vanilla and 2.5 U&U but that didn’t work, U&U is horrible on its own.

UU for me!

That Vanilla made with 3 scoops to 500ml of water was literally like drinking a bag of sugar to me. Vile!

Glad you like it! :+1:

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Me too, actually made me gag it’s so sweet. Previous version of U&U had more taste than new one. Also new one seems to vary bag to bag a little. Had three so far all making for a different consistency of mix, with same weight and volume of water

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Yeah when you make v2 UU its not far off drinking mildly salted water in consistency and taste but if you leave it a few hours it becomes insanely thick in consistency and tastes like diluted paint.

Some weird interactions going off there!

For me first bag was watery no matter how long you left it (and gritty), second was stand your spoon up thick, third somewhere between. They’ve slightly missed the ball somewhere. I’m wondering if along with the bags they’ve changed manufacturer

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I was put off by the consistency of UU. I usually drink it straight after mixing and it always seems too watery for me.

I think the Vanilla is fairly pleasant and consistency seems far better.

I used to like the vanilla but I found I was getting a weird chemically after taste so now I only use U/U with 20g of Nutella added with ice cubes blended and it is awesome!

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