From vanilla to U/U

Hi all,
I want to switch from vanilla to u/u. There is no longer a sample pack available which would have answered this question.
However, if I already add a shot of espresso to my huel will I notice a big difference?
Should I get a bag of each to wean off vanilla that way or just go for it?


I use Vanilla and UU and there’s a big difference. Vanilla is obv. very sweet, but UU has no sweetness at all. On it’s own it tastes like the shittest porridge ever, like Dickensian gruel, it really sucks. I tried sweetening with a spoonful of raw honey (not enough sweetness), I tried adding raw cocao and/or cinnamon, but without any underlying sweetness both are rank. I personally find Vanilla too sweet on its own so I do half and half and that hits the spot. I guess you could also do UU with flavour boosters, since they have stevia in for sweetness. I’ve also done UU with a spoonful of Marigold (MSG free) vegetable stock, and that is nice - like a cup-a-soup (I tend to make it with 2 scoops and 5-600ml of water else it’s too thick for me as a ‘soup’).

Hope that helps! :slight_smile: