Any U/U junkies out there?

I’m finding both original and vanilla just too sickly sweet but I really dont want to have multiple bags open and dicking around with all the U/U cuts people seem to use.

So thinking about just going flat out U/U on my next order and using a flavour boost.

Anyone do straight up U/U? Can you describe the flavour? Im looking for a bare hint of oaty sweetness but not flat out sweet.

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There is no sweetness whatsoever. It’s hardcore stuff. Us millennials can’t handle it! :joy:


So is it like - no sweetness as in, wow, this tastes like…plain bread; or no sweetness as in eating plain porridge from a bowl that someone used just before to eat their sweetenerd porridge in?

Also are the flavour boosts sweet enough to add a touch of sweetness to the U/U?

It’s like drinking liquid soil. It’s not plain in the sense that the pea protein flavour takes control and pea protein tastes vile. Buy a bag and try it but be prepared to do a half and half with vanilla. There’s a reason people do it :stuck_out_tongue:


OK Coup so I do actually have some experience drinking pea protein. Its some of the most disgusting shit ive ever tasted in my life. So if you had to compare pea protein vs U/U, which sucks the most?

Urgh. Maybe i will have to do half and half. I just didnt want to turn into a full blown Huel nerd, you know?

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Honestly, UU Huel is one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever tasted. I gave it a go twice on two separate occasions and I nearly chundered as soon as it entered my mouth. For all the stick people level at different types of sweetener I now have an appreciation for them.

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It’s not that much of a big deal having two bags open. Or you could mix two bags into a separate container so you don’t have to do it often.

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in my humble opinion the U/U is fine on its own, no sweetener required.
It’s got an oaty, slightly earthy taste that doesn’t bother me in the slightest. It’s very nondescript.
A squeeze of honey of agave syrup should give you the sweetness you desire… no need for these flavour boosts in my opinion.

The best thing about U/U is that it can be anything… honey, banana and peanut butter for breakfast and then
a wee bit of stock cube and some spinach and cashews dinner.


I had some today with a banana and kiwi blended in. Still, the overlying unsweetened blandness of the Huel was the overpowering flavour. As @Coup said above, there’s a reason some people mix UU 50/50

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I quite enjoy plain u/u too - to me its a bit like a plain porridge, or plain rice cakes, both of which I will also eat. I do mix half and half with original, because I have it, but also use u/u on its own with coffee of cocoa in, as well as u/u on its own

I also find original too sweet, and also find the flavour boosts Ive tried so far too sweet too - strawberry was quite good, if you like strawberry milkshake, but personally if you think original is too sweet then a whole dose of flavour boost might be too sweet too. But the sample pack isn’t exactly expensive to try


Anyway, I don’t drink Huel for the flavour. If I wanted to eat something that tastes like real food I’d cook a meal.

I chuck it down my throat as quickly as possible to get nutritious fuel into my body, much like you’d fill up your car at the petrol station. Then I’m on my way.

I think there’s a certain psychological element to eating food that requires it to be satisfying in some way - taste, texture, smell, visually - because we’ve spent all our lives equating food with a satisfactory meal.
Can anyone relate to that? I certainly can.

As much as I love ‘real’ food and cooking, and all the feelings of joy and satisfaction that go with it, now I feel like i’ve separated the act of ‘putting fuel into my body’ from ‘eating for enjoyment’.

That makes it very easy to down my ‘tasteless’ Huel in the mornings, and when the ‘proper’ meal comes around again - it’s all the more satisfying.





I actually love UU.
It tastes like:
Plain porridge oats made with water
Pea protein

It’s not at all sweet at all. No sweetness whatsoever.
If you hate plain porridge or hate pea protein, you probably won’t like plain UU.

But, it’s easy enough to flavour up using peanut butter, coffee, flavour boosts work well but you have to use about twice the recommended amount. Mixing it with plant milk instead of water makes it sweeter, as does blending it with fruit.

I really like it as it is.
But then I will quite happily drink 40g of pea protein in a pint of water and enjoy it. Apparently I’m in the minority!!


I like it too, it’s the one I always order plus a bag of Vanilla/Mint Choc depending on how I feel.

I like it because I can change it so many ways with :banana::strawberry::cherries::peach::mango::coconut::chocolate_bar::peanuts::honey_pot::milk_glass::coffee:


I wasn’t too sure about UU to start with, thought it was too bland. Now I love it either plain or flavoured :yum:

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Same as Bee, I like the plain U/U. I do add some flavour occasionally - flav drops work quite well when you find a flavour you like.

Currently drinking U/U with a few spoons of plain yoghurt and water. Lovely jubbly.




Oy! :laughing::laughing::laughing::rofl:


Yea, that’s something I can relate to quit well. :sweat_smile:

This is a great way of thinking when having Huel for only 1 or 2 meals a day. I’m at (near) 100% Huel,
so in my case it wouldn’t really work out like that. :rofl:

Yea, found out. Thanks for the confirmation, was afraid I might’ve done something wrong. :stuck_out_tongue:

Myself, still trying to find a way to make U/U to my liking

Y’all who have UU are madmen/women. Hardcore doesn’t quite cut it!