Any U/U junkies out there?


It’s delish!!!




@Bee + @ChristinaT

… weirdos! :grimacing:


Hahahaaaaa :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


To U/U junkies @Bee & @ChristinaT, I am selling a couple of bags of U/U for £30 for the pair if you’re interested?

Apologies for the opportunistic post, but thought I’d check, given that you’ve both confessed to loving the stuff.


Thanks for the offer Mark, but I have plenty of Huel to keep me going for some time :grin:


@MarkyT where abouts in the country are you? And what’s the expiry dates?
And are they sealed / unopened?

I’m guessing regular, not gluten free?
I buy the gf version but may be tempted to try the regular one as the ppm gluten is still below my tolerance level.


I’d recommend trying regular one, my other half buys regular and I tried a couple of shakes on regular (I buy gluten-free) and it was fine, no change in symptoms. :slight_smile:


@AlexHoward do you have caeliac disease?
I think as a regular order I would prefer to stick to gluten free. An extra £2.50 per pouch for peace of mind is worth it in my opinion.
But I tend to do 1 scoop uu 1 scoop original 1 scoop vanilla. So one scoop per day of non gf uu would be very unlikely to cause any symptoms for me!


+1 to that. Dirt, chalk, soil… I wouldn’t say the taste is offensive or repulsive but I still found it impossible to drink straight up. Stock cubes for me!


For me, the best is original vanilla 50% with UU, but I also like the plain UU.

The rest of flavours… I hate them :joy:


No added sugar in my coffee, never. And no flavor.
No added sweetness in my Huel, never. And no flavor too.
That’s what real men do.

U&U forever!



Here you go…

Location: Home: Surrey; Work: London.
Expiry dates: 07/19 & 11/19.
Sealed: Yes.
GF: No.


I don’t have Coeliac so can’t speak for that but I have had IBS which has led me to hospital during flare ups! Mad how a diet can cause such pain.


@AlexHoward in that case the regular version and the gf version would be identical for you. The regular version averages at 17ppm gluten which is technically gluten free. The GF version is tested and certified and is 5ppm.
The tiny amount of gluten in the regular version wouldn’t affect IBS at all, but as a caeliac though, it’s worth me getting the version that is tested and consistently gluten free.


That makes a lot of sense. I can see why you’d want the peace of mind! I hope Huel is helping you. :slight_smile:


I like my huel like i like my women…earthy and plain.


pretty sure you’re recycling now hunzas!


Oh, have I used that one…sigh.


Your powers are fading my friend.