Whoops! What to do with unflavoured?

I made a mistake: it’s my second order of Huel, and I meant to order 3 bags of Original (my first order was one each of that and N&I), but opened my box today and, nope, unflavoured. My bad, no complaint at Huel here. I understand I could return them, but 1) that’s effort and I’m a lazy boy, and 2) it’d take a while to resolve, and I’d run out in the meantime; maybe I’ll look at doing that with two of them, I dunno.

Anyway: I’ve ordered a couple of flavour packs that should hopefully cover me until my next delivery, but I get them sent to work and, for various reasons, I’m not going to be able to pick those up for another week.

So. One guy. One blender. 14 meals. What can I do to keep things palatable? Am I over-concerned, and U&U is actually just an acquired taste and I’ll be fine once I try it? Or am I under-concerned, the flavour packs aren’t going to do the job, and I need to think about ways to go through all 3 bags?

Coffee (Instant or cold brew work best)
Cocoa powder
Powdered peanut butter
Blend with fruit/spinach etc
Stevia/other sweetener

Honestly, just pimp UU with stuff like the above and you’ll be fine

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I use myprotein Flavourdrops with u/u. Apple and rasberry work best, rest are too artificial. Huel is still one of the only meal replacement companies offering an unsweetened, unflavoured product and I don’t get it - you can always sweeten things or add whatever flavour you want. Hopefully someone else offers it soon too!

Honestly, I’ve grown to prefer UU. Vanilla tastes a bit too much like a treat now.

Thanks for the advice, everyone!

Let’s start at the end. @Broscience, that’s good, I’m glad they have something that caters to you, I’m sure a lot of people prefer this. After a good few days now of trying it… alas, I’m not one of them. I wish I was, it would’ve made this easier!

For the first few I did, I mixed 2 scoops UU with 1 of N&I. I tried it without anything else, but the vanilla taste of the N&I isn’t enough by itself. I’ve whacked in peanut butter (I don’t have any powdered stuff, at least yet), but I can barely taste it over the UU’s natural flavour. A banana works alright enough with that 2/1 proportion.

3 scoops of UU is harder. A banana helps, but by the end the taste is just barely palatable. The last one I tried like that, I even added some golden syrup to try and sweeten it up, but it was barely noticeable. I’ve got some chocolate + salted caramel spread which I tried last night that does a decent enough job, so I may be going through a bunch of that for the next couple of weeks, I guess! So looks like moving forwards, each day I’ll have one of 2/1 proportion and a banana, and one of just UU with chocolate.

Cocoa powder… hmmmm. I have a bunch of Options hot chocolate mixes, I wonder if that’s worth giving a try?

Aside from all that, I reckon I’m going to bite the bullet soon, order some more Original, and just start over with that but subbing in 1 scoop of UU to each until I’ve gone through it. Wish me luck!

Here’s my take on UU…

  1. Try 500ml hot/warm water, 2 scoops of UU and 1 teaspoon of stock powder (I use Marigold Swiss Vegetable Boullion powder because it doesn’t have MSG - this makes a very passable soup! Also good for those savoury cravings.

  2. I always blend 1 original and 1 UU in every sweet Huel I make because 2 vanilla is too sweet for me, so that’s a good way to use up your UU too :slight_smile:

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