After one bag of U/U, Berry & Vanilla taste too chemically for me

A few weeks ago I ordered my first delivery of Huel, two bags of Unflavoured/Unsweetened. One bag down (mainly having 3 scoops for breakfast and then moving on to having the same for breakfast + lunch + the occasional dinner) and I love the the positive effect it seems to have on me and I also like the taste of U/U, despite it being a little bland sometimes. Excitedly I ordered the Berry and ‘new’ Vanilla flavours which turned up yesterday.

Both of these taste soooo chemically and manufactured, I was really excited about having some flavour to my Huel (3 x U/U scoops with a teaspoon of coffee was a delicious taster) but even the smell seems unpleasant to me Guess it’s the sweetener… I have read that a lot of people mix in their ‘flavoured’ Huel with U/U to dilute it somewhat which I’ll try out - and whatever happens I am going to finish them as I hate waste.

Most of the time I read people finding U/U repulsive so maybe as I found the taste of that ‘ok’ I’d set unrealistic expectations for these flavours, but just wondered if anybody here had similar opinions or originally disliked the taste/smell of Berry & ‘new’ Vanilla and eventually ended up liking them?

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You drink the U/U as is? no mods ?

I ordered two U/U bags few days ago and found the taste bitter straight out of the box. So far, I tried to add vanilla extract, cacao, instant coffee, almonds milk but still couldn’t get the right taste for me.

I’m pondering if to try and mix the U/U with the Huel granola I have. The thing is I love the granola so much I’m too cheap to make experiments with it…

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Just add branston pickle


I found the vanilla had a ‘chemical’ taste - sweet but unpleasant. I’m pretty sure it’s the sweetener (I guess I’ve got exceptionally picky taste buds as most people enjoy it). I dislike drinks with sweetener in for the same reason.

U/U I found much more pleasant, if bland.

That said, a few people on here reported an unpleasant taste in their bags recently, so if it’s a plastic-like taste maybe have a look at some of the threads started on that just in case that’s what you’re getting?


@rorax I drink U/U, don’t find it especially bitter and add various flavours (though will happily drink it straight). Mixed the night before and chilled in the fridge and it’s great.

Lots of people mix U/U with Vanilla to dial down the sweetness or add some to unflavoured. Maybe give that a go?

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Personally, I prefer to avoid sucralose - so I never tried any other version of the powder besides the U/U. I might try to add monkfruit or dutch cocoa, perhaps that can make the trick :slight_smile:

However, I’m really addicted to the granola and would prefer it over the powder anytime. There are days that I eat nothing besides the granola now.

One bag a day in 3 or 4 meals (Sometimes I eat “Big” lunch and sometimes divide it to two smaller meals) .

I’m really excited to learn what enhancements the next version of granola will have.

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I can’t stand the taste of sweeteners so I’m a U/U fan as well. A couple of slices of frozen banana and a handful of berries easily makes it sweet and tasty enough to actually enjoy as a meal. Ditto banana and instant coffee.

I’ve tried the flavour boosts but not sold on them at all, it’s much cheaper to just keep an eye out for reduced fruit in the supermarket

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Thanks for your responses everybody. I have taken to having 1 scoop of Improved Vanilla with 2 U/U for breakfast and 1 Berry with 2 U/U for lunch. Tastes much better (for me) like this, although with Berry in particular the chemical taste is still there. I think I’m going to have to just order U/U for now, guessing if I don’t like the ‘aftertaste’ of these flavours that I won’t like Original or Coffee falvours?

I feel like I can’t comment on this thread because I tried drinking U/U straight once and it blew my mind that anyone would do it, however
I think you probably wouldn’t be a fan of the original vanilla. I think you would like coffee though. It’s a much “cleaner” flavour and doesn’t have the umami undertones of the berry or the sweetness of the vanillas

I just tried one scoop of Berry and found it revolting. I’ve always been sensitive to sweeteners but hoped stevia would be fine. I’m really disappointed as I was looking forward to having something I could just have as it is. I’ll stick to U/U, mixed with a little fruit juice or fruit. Haven’t tried it with coffee so that may be a plan!