Berry flavour feedback?

Hi Huel users, sorry if this has been posted elsewhere, i didn’t see it but might have missed.

Has anyone tried the new berry flavour, and if so, how does it compare to the vanilla ? I am really enjoying using huel, i mainly use it because i am autistic and thinking of new things to eat every day / keeping a nutritional balance is stressful for me. I started with vanilla and the first few seemed great, but after a few days the aftertaste really bothered me and after a week just thinking about it made me gip.
I switched to unflavoured and i have found that adding blueberries, raspberries and a spoon of honey makes it delicious, but that’s a lot of added sugar.

If anyone has tried berry flavour and has any insight into how the artificial sweetener taste comes over in comparison to vanilla i would appreciate it :slight_smile:

Search “berry” in the search window. There are many threads. The first thread contains your answer.

I’ve tried it and gave up after one bag because I can make it better myself using U/U plus whatever frozen berries I happen to have to hand.

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Meh… not bad not great

I’m not a massive fan of Berry. Coffee I like but I always add a bit more coffee cos it’s not strong enought for me as it is. Adding Mint choc flavour boost is great. I picked up a great tip, as half the flavour boost bag to a full bag of huel. Saves mixing it every time. Perfect.


To me Berry tastes about as sweet as New Improved Vanilla (and Coffee.) The Berry flavour is quite nice but not always what I’m in the mood for. I bought one bag but probably won’t buy it again. You can always add Berry flavour (via flavour drops) to regular Huel. I’m going 50/50 Unflavoured/Vanilla at the moment.

I am working my way slowly through a bag of berry flavour and must admit to not being overly keen as is. I tend to add either rhubarb and custard flavour or blend with frozen berries and find it much nicer that way. When it’s gone I will stick with new vanilla (and/or original if I find I like that too) with the occasional bag of UU.

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I found Berry flavour really terrible! very strong and artificial tasting and really sweet.
If you struggle with vanilla then berry probably would bother you too.
Unflavoured is great and is so versatile.
I’ve also found mixing Unflavoured with the Vanilla and /or Original works pretty well - its a subtle and sweet flavour that is much more palatable than Vanilla on its own.
We all have such different taste buds and you will find massively varying opinions on which flavours are nice and not nice!
But, like you I found the sweetener overbearing, and it was definitely worse with the berry!

Search the forum for ideas on how to flavour up the U/U - theres loads of recipes and many dont include sugar or honey.
My current favourite is peanut butter powder. OOoooo or dessicated coconut


I like the Berry flavour :heart_eyes: as it means that with a simple addition of a banana, some coconut or some other fruit there is enough sweetness for me .
I have a preference for fruit flavours as I really don’t like chocolate or coffee flavours and the idea of adding stuff like peanut butter makes me feel unwell :nauseated_face:

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New users tend to like berry more in general [citation needed]. I think long term vanilla users tend to find Berry a bit bland or not as good as their own flavour creations. I would whole heartedly recommend you put a bag of berry flavour in your next order, I always have some in mine because I like to have the option of berry when I get bored of vanilla :smile: worst case scenario you’re not a fan, but it won’t be completely undrinkable I think


Me and my wife worked our way through 4 bags of berry huel. Will be switching to 8 bags of berry instead of vanilla from now on.

I prefer it pre mixed to make it easier to make and the taste is good. The taste could be a bit more potent but the new huel formula is a lot milder so it works.

Thanks so much everyone for your feedback, it’s all really appreciated :slight_smile: think i will try a bag of berry then. cheers :slight_smile:

So I gather you’re plunging in 100% from the start? :slight_smile:

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Well, good luck :slight_smile: I hope you fall into the category that doesn’t need ahem digestive adjusting.


You might get morning sickness.