Huel taste test

In my personal opinion I prefer chocolate over vanilla I’m going to try berry this time as I didn’t like vanilla ,I’m sure you will say “oh add stuff to it so it tastes better” and “you’ll get used to it” etc but honestly I don’t even feel like re trying vanilla it had 0 taste of vanilla there wasn’t even a tiny hint of it , i just feel like I wasted my money on it but chocolate was great I barely get hungry anymore and I’m sure I’m loosing weight as my pants don’t really fit anymore I’m glad, and I do keep my huel chilled. As it does taste better

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I also didn’t like new vanilla. It’s one that you either love or hate.

Berry is very sweet

Mint-choc is great but very minty and refreshing (I add cacao to increase the chocolatiness!)

UU plus flavour boosts is great in my opinion but I’m in the minority on that one!

Original has a very neutral but very sweet flavour and works great with the flavour boosts. It’s nothing like new vanilla that tastes more like toffee to a lot of people.
Worth trying - most people like either old or new vanilla !

If you love chocolate, don’t be worried about just sticking to that unless you need variety.
I think most people try them all then stick to their one or two favourites.

My regular order is unflavoured, but I also have chocolate and mint chocolate for variety.
My favourite flavour boosts are cacao, caramel and mint-chocolate

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Interesting you didn’t get any vanilla in Vanilla Huel. What sort of vanilla flavour are you used to? To get through your Vanilla definitely start mixing it with other stuff, easy one you can probably do tomorrow is adding a few teaspoons for instant coffee before shaking. Or go 50:50 with Choc and Vanilla.

All our flavours split the crowd, everyone perceives them differently and has their preferences. Vanilla is our most popular and brings back the most people but as I said, everyone is different. Let us know if you need any other tips.


I don’t taste any vanilla either. Original and Vanilla are my least favourite flavours. I remember nearly throwing up after taking a sip of original…

My favourites are chocolate and banana. Mint chocolate is okay. Don’t like Berry and the unflavoured tastes like earth worms. You just have to give them all a go and see which one suits you. It’s a real shame they don’t do samples.

I’m the opposite! Vanilla is the best, chocolate is the worst.

@Tim_Huel what’s this? Overtime?


i personally don’t like mixing flavors as for coffee i despise coffee i rather not drink it thanks for the tip tho i appreciate it , i just hate coffee in general haha ^^ ;

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