2.3 tastes of toffee - no matter which flavouring added

I’ve been using Huel daily for two months, usually replacing one meal a day, and I really love everything about it. However, I’ve now had the “new and improved” Huel for a couple of days, and while there is a chance I’ll get used to it, so far I’m not impressed. I think it tastes of toffee rather than vanilla. And that toffee taste just overpowers any flavouring I add. I always add flavouring and love the variation in taste that I get from it. However, that’s gone out the window now. Everything just tastes toffee.

Changed my subscription back to 2.2. Maybe 1 bag unflavoured and 1 bag 2.3 could be the solution.

I see there’s been a lot of discussion, and different opinions, about 2.3, but does anyone else agree with this?

I definitely agree it does not taste like vanilla and has more of a toffee taste. Thankfully I prefer this though.

I don’t think you can go back to 2.2? It’s Original Vanilla v2.3 you’ll want to go with instead.

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ElectroDan: You’re right, of course!

juyaib: If you drink it without flavouring, yes, maybe I would agree that’s it better than before. At least after getting used to it. But so far I’ve tried it with chocolate, strawberry and mocca flavouring, and they all completely disappeared.

Less ‘toffee’ & more cheap vanilla ice cream for me. Still vanilla but a very different vanilla - just think you’re having a nice dirty Wall’s ice cream :icecream: lol.

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I like this new version however I have the gluten free so not sure if that makes a difference to the taste. I think it tastes nicer personally :+1:t2:

I agree new vanilla 2.3 it tastes of toffee, and like you can taste the toffee even through flavour boosts. We are now happily using original vanilla 2.3 again which flavours blend well with any added flavour boost or instant coffee.

Thank you, Peas! Good to know it’s not just me!

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I was a massive fan of the toffee flavour boost and really enjoy the more subtle version of it that is now vanilla, but I still get a vanilla flavour coming through too. I personally think it’s the best Huel I’ve had yet.

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Most of way through my bag of New Improved Vanilla and much prefer Original Vanilla to New Improved version.

Only way I can see me buying any New Improved again, is as part of larger order to have some variety - maybe something like 7 bags Original and 1 bag New.

Even that seems unlikely as I’d only be tolerating the New Improved, might as well get 8 x Original and throw some different flavours in there instead.

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it’s very different, but I personally prefer it.

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