New Huel Flavours GF review :)

So I have always used the gf vanilla original on it’s own, I’m not one to add flavours and such! As I love the taste! and I always blend it up with unsweetened almond milk, sometimes 50/50 with water. Anyway the original to me tastes creamy, oaty and pure deliciousness! The vanilla taste to me is perfect.

The new flavours I was excited about as I love huel! So coffee? and even better vanilla? Count me in!
I received them two weeks ago and I have to say a few things…
both the new flavours the consistency is like jelly! I mean it literally looks like jelly and wobbles. I used exactly the same blender as I do for the original. Same amount ect… I even am still using leftover original vanilla huel and blended that up just now to compare have done a few times now and its always drinkable and dedinitley does not look like jelly! xD
The only thing I’ve found to combat this with the new flavours is to whisk with a fork after it’s been in the blender :slight_smile:

Taste -

The coffee huel is one I like, I don’t love but it’s growing on me. it has a strong coffee taste but it is a little bitter. But to be honest I do like this for mornings for a caffeine kick instead of a cup of coffee as it fills me up too! :slight_smile:

New vanilla - Pretty dissopointed after seeing other people dislike the new one, I thought nah not me I will love it! Especially as someone wrote cake batter taste :slight_smile: Huge sweet tooth here! So was so excited!
But to me all it tastes quite synthetic! The new vanilla is very different from the original. The original tasting very creamy, porridge like vanilla and this new one just like vanilla milkshake yet quite synthetic taste to it if that made any sense! It’s tolerable im sat sipping this right now after drinking the original!

But I have to say original vanilla is just my go to for both consistency and taste! Please never stop making it in favour of the new vanilla! :slight_smile:

My next purchase will be two bags of original with the coffee bag thrown in now and again!

all opinions are my own mind what I like other people may not haha ^^


plenty of agreement here :laughing:

The New Vanilla is terrible…I hope they either figure out how to fix the taste or not stopping to make the ‘old’ one…if they will I’ll have to quit huel for sure…

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New Vanilla is best vanilla.
I used to hate it and love original. Now it’s the opposite!

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