Coffee Huel Review


Got the coffee huel and had it twice. Personally, I am not super happy about this product. Much like New Improved in my case mixes very poorly in a shaker, this did too. It also had the same kind of taste profile, with the strange tofee/sucralose aftertaste that new improved also has. I will be sticking to original vanilla.

However, if You like New/Improved and coffee, you should like this product!


Thanks for the review. I also found new vanilla does not go well with any flavour boosts or instant coffee. Original vanilla is a far tastier base for instant coffee and flavour boosts and does not taste of toffee.


I was regularly putting coffee in my huel and thought this would be a great idea, I say with a smile on my face that I think the new coffee huel is disgusting, maybe I’ll get used to it, or maybe I’m just set in my ways.
I also felt the same about new Huel and went back to the original vanilla. It’s handy that the coffee huel isn’t a paid extra or anything so it’d be nice to just not have to buy or make coffee, If I can put up with it.

Yes original vanilla is the way to go. Never stop making it please


I also tried the new coffee and found I had to put some choc flavour in and still wasn’t great. I’m still on old bags of 2.1 I think and never had any mixing issues with just a shaker.

I’m finding the new Coffee flavour so bad that I can’t bear to try it again, I tried adding some caramel flavouring I had but it was still awful, I have 2 bags so I would appreciate any tips on making it bearable enough to finish!

Anyone who mixes 2 or 3 teaspoons with vanilla - new or original, able to comment on a comparison pls?

+1 for original Huel and coffee mixed in. I’m not game enough to try this yet.


I can sort of comment…although I don’t use 2 or 3 teaspoons…more like one heaped.

I like strong coffee. If I make a cup at home I generally use a cafetière and use a high strength coffee, to make a black coffee. Occasionally I drink espresso; I rarely drink instant.

HOWEVER, when I make coffee Huel I use millicano instant - one teaspoon in 100g Huel and around 500ml water/plant milk. This is a great combo. I tried Huel with strong cafetière coffee, but didn’t really like it.

Now, the preblend coffee Huel is more subtle than that. To me it tastes less sweet than sticking instant coffee in Vanilla Huel.

So I would say if you like a strong flavour of coffee in your Huel, pre-blend may not be for you. I absolutely love it.

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Thanks for that. I think Millicano is quite a strong instant, though Ive not tried it. When I next buy some I may give it a try.

Less sweet is a benefit to me as I sometimes mix vanilla & u/u to take the sweetness edge off.

I think I’ll pick up one bag of the new coffee flavour on my next order - if its too subtle I can add a little extra coffee to beef it up.

Coffee ???
Nnnnnnnoooooooo !!!

Can’t stand the smell or taste of coffee,
so Coffee huel is definitely a non starter for me !

Vanilla or U/F all the way :+1::+1::+1::+1:

One of my biggest fears is that Huel will stop producing original Vanilla since they call the other Vanilla “New and Improved”… what can we do to make sure that never happens?!


Keep buying it.


So had a couple of Coffee Huels now…bit disappointed.

I’m a big fan of vanilla original or new, with a heaped t-spoon of instant in it, or a shot of espresso.

New coffee flavour…it’s very very mild.

Was so looking forward to this, but not coffee enough…Wait until Version 0.2 Espresso version…


we’ve been using Coffee flavour this week - I’m afraid to say we’re not keen… too bitter AND too sweet at the same time.

I’ve toned it down to a palatable taste, using 2 coffee+1 vanilla mix, just to work through the bag - but won’t be buying again.

If I want coffee flavour, I’ll be adding some instant powder.


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Just to add that we also don’t like the Coffee huel. It’s a really bland taste, with that horrible overtone of artificial sweetener (like the New Vanilla).

My favourite still is plain huel mixed with Azera coffee (fine ground instant), and today I’m going to try original vanilla with Azera.

Really disappointed with the new coffee. Given the cost of the powder is there any sort of money back/swap out guarantee?

We sometimes get wine delivered using an online service, and they have an agreement where if you don’t like a bottle you get refunded the cost of that bottle.

It’s a big investment, and I’d much rather replace our coffee powder with another if we could.

I must admit I love new vanilla mixed with coffee granules. Its my go-to way to have Huel without a doubt; after trying the coffee Huel although its not bad it’s not great either.

For now I will stick to new vanilla and adding coffee granules as I always have - love it.

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This is a great idea but not something we offer currently. Really sorry that you really aren’t enjoying the Coffee Huel though.

It’s an old-y but a good-y!

Agreed! I used to hate coffee flavoured Huel but I thought I’d give the pre-blend a go and it turns out it was the strong coffee I don’t like! The subtle flavour of pre-blend is perfect for me*.

*Disclaimer, bit of a sweet-tooth over here

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Been trying the new coffee Huel, 2nd day now and unfortunately have to say it really doesn’t taste good to me. Strange aftertaste and generally strange taste, unlike any coffee I’ve tried. And I’m quite forgiving in my coffee tastes, like just about anything.

I love the newer vanilla 2.3 as well.