Love the Coffee flavoured powder

I really like the Coffee flavour version. I hope the Berry one is equally good! (Ordered).

They’re both nice

Coffee Huel is the bomb
@Tim_Huel need this in decaf so we can use it exclusively!!!

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Is it better than vanilla Huel / u/u huel plus espresso shot?
Out of interest…

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I don’t normally like coffee - I keep a jar in the cupboard for guests and end up throwing half of the smallest jar I can buy away as it passes its best before date. However, Coffee Huel is amazing: my last order of eight bags was half coffee…

Is it really sweet? Or anything like the mocha flavour boost?
I want to try it but am worried about hating it! Like the berry :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
I love coffee. Maybe I should just stick to putting espresso in mine…

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I personally find the coffee super super mild and a “barely there” flavour. Berry I really like and I love the fact it’s very visibly different & pink!

I’m the wrong person to ask about sweetness: I don’t seem to taste the sweetness of vanilla Huel and the flavour boosts as intensely as other people. To me, the coffee tastes a little like the coffee flavour of a Leonidas chocolate (it’s so long since I’ve had chocolates that my memory could be playing tricks), but with a definite caffeine edge. To me, it’s comparable to the mocha flavour boost, but with caffeine. Sorry that’s so muddled…