Coffee Huel vs Huel + coffee

I’d be interested in hearing people’s opionins regarding coffee Huel. I can make a coffee flavoured Huel by adding a bit of instant coffee, or throwing a shot of espresso into the mix. The quality of the coffee has a large impact on how nice it ends up.

My question though is whether anyone finds the coffee Huel worthwhile, or would I be better sticking with original, so that I can add whatever flavour boost or coffee? It doesn’t seem much more convenient, but is the flavour balance such that you’d stick with the coffee flavoured Huel?

Let me kno what you all think.



I don’t think Coffee Huel tastes much coffee to be honest. Don’t get me wrong - I think it’s pretty good, but it mostly tastes like light toffee/vanilla. Others opinions may of course differ but, if you want a real punch of coffee flavor I would recommend adding your own to vanilla Huel.

Stick to Huel+coffee, coffee Huel has a p bitter aftertaste & doesn’t taste of coffee imo. Was trying so hard to get rid of my coffee bag and go back to good ol Original with a teaspoon of instant coffee xD

Agree with the two posters above. Original vanilla for me, with as much/ little coffee added as suits me. Morning a fair bit, lunch less in there if I fancy coffee flavour for lunch that day

I find the vanilla plus coffee to be too sweet, whereas the coffee Huel doesn’t leave that sweetener aftertaste - I make it with 400ml water, 100ml milk and 100g coffee Huel, leave in the fridge for at least 2 hours and its lovely! However, it definitely isn’t strong, so if its the coffee kick you’re after then you would have to add coffee.

I don’t have sugar in hot drinks and drink very few commercial sweet drinks, would far rather have iced water with a squeeze of lemon juice, that’s probably why I find the vanilla plain or mixed with other flavours to be too sweet.

Coffee Huel does not taste of coffee. Not sure what it tastes of. I obviously had high hopes for it as i ordered 3 bags of it! Its still nice, with half milk half water. But Vanilla Huel with actual coffee is better.

I combined those two and it was quite nice.

I added a cup of coffee to my Huel Coffee shake. Makes for a nice kickstart in the morning :rofl:

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Someone add some camp coffee…