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I love my coffee, as I’m sure a lot of you do too. I’d like to come up with some ideas to add coffee to my Huel, as I think with original especially, the potential is there to make up something quite tasty. My attempt so far has been:

  • 3x scoop original vanilla

  • 500ml (give or take) water

  • Double espresso

This didn’t quite work out as I’d hoped, and it was surprisingly bitter given it was with vanilla Huel which I thought would be sweet enough to give it more body. I was wondering if any of you could give advice on adding in milk with Huel, or your other coffee adventures? I typically drink full fat milk, but having almost a pint of it with Huel might seem a bit OTT even for me.

My overall goal is to get something akin to a cold latte I guess. Water isn’t quite cutting it alone though so far. I’ll experiment over the next month and report back though. :slight_smile: Please do share any experiences and recipes for your Huel coffees!

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I use one scoop of vanilla Huel, one scoop of vanilla PhD Diet Whey. Approx 300ml of Lactofree whole milk, and a double espresso. Sometimes, I add a dash of double cream too. I’m on an LCHF diet hence the addition of whole milk and cream and less Huel. The PhD powder is sweeter so adding it makes a much tastier drink too. :wink:

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PhD Diet in vanilla was my favourite of the (admittedly limited) protein shakes I’ve tried, so that’s a good shout! I sadly don’t have any around now, but that’s kind of what I’m trying to mimic. But with coffee, obviously, haha.

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The best coffee taste for Huel comes from instant coffee. This was something recommended by @Julian the founder of Huel I believe. I only drink fish not instant coffee, but I bought a jar of Millicano to try when he recommended it and a teaspoon added to freshly made Huel and shaken again works wonders…it’s the way I always prepare my coffee Huel now.

When I make Huel I use a 50/50 mix of water and plant based milk.


Something “fishy” about this post.


LOL - drink like a fish maybe…I should have not started before I wrote the post. :stuck_out_tongue:

fish = freshly percolated


Hmm, I might try and pick some up then, as I know Millicano isn’t too expensive either. Maybe the espresso is a bit too much straight in there. I think half and half milk/water is a good idea though, and I’ll definitely try it.

Has anyone ever tried coffee syrups either with or without coffee too? I think they’re listed in the Huel manual so I’m curious to know how well they flavour.

Are you counting the calories for that?

That’s close to what I consume during bulking season.

I’ve tried the myprotein sugar free syrups both in Huel and in frothed up milk substitutes and they are very nice.

Assuming I go 50/50, 250ml of whole milk is 155cal, which I guess is a lot when made for a full 3xscoop Huel, you’re right. :thinking: I don’t remember plant based milks being any better for calories, though? I’m not sure there’s a good alternative for me here.

I was replying to Dingle, not you :slight_smile:

Completely agree though, whole milk all the way!

500ml in every Huel for me, delish.

3 scoops vanilla Huel, 1 heaped teaspoonful Azera espresso (half price at Waitrose at the moment) 2 tsp Cholula hot sauce. Lovely rich flavour and a tingle that stays in your mouth all day.

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There you go…shoving your non-vegan propaganda down our throats again :stuck_out_tongue:


Coming from the person who quite literally recommended a book based around vegan bodybuilding!

I’m not going to take any shame in my love of dairy :slight_smile:

LCHF is carb controlled eating style, not calorie controlled.

Innuntum, I’m scared and confused. D:

Has it been successful?

It’d still be hugely beneficial to monitor calories for weight loss. Weight loss is simply calories in vs calories out, not carbs in vs carbs out.

You cannot taste the hot sauce - its something to do with the makeup of Huel. It is a rich coffee flavour with this lovely tingly aftertaste which stays with you all day. I’m going to use it for my lunchtime Huel on an ongoing basis.

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Not sure I’d agree with that, easier to mix perhaps but I’ve had the most success and enjoyed it the most using my own cold brew coffee.

Espresso should be ok, maybe it’s the beans you’re using as some coffee’s can be extremely bitter.

The monsoon Malabar from ManCoCo is a delight though, and their Ethiopian blends.

Maybe I should have stated IMO…I appreciate taste is subjective…and I am a person who enjoys good quality coffee…although I have never cold brewed coffee. I do appreciate Ethiopian coffee is the best in the world (and I normally drink coffee black/unsweetened, but for me instant coffee is ideal in Huel.

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