Coffee and soy milk?

Hi to all Huelers, a fairly technical question related to your experiences.
I use Huel every morning, I leave home at 8:00 and arrive at work around 9:00.
My favourite and everyday Huel:
• an apple, eaten raw
• 2 scoops and a half of Original Vanilla
• 150ml of soy milk without sugar
• 350ml of water approximately (I will add another one after the first shaker)
• a long coffee (about 100ml)
• cinnamon
• cocoa

The problem is, I have difficulty in really enhancing the taste and avoiding lumps.
I always prepare Huel at the moment and I don’t take it from home.
I tried to put the liquids in a thermos and mix them, but I have difficulty making Huel melt really well without it becoming too watery and tasteless. Moreover, coffee I tried to add it hot to cold liquids but it ends up not making my Huel smooth.
The last time I wasn’t mixing well, I definitely had a stomach ache.

Thanks for your suggestions.

Try putting 400ml of cold water into the shaker, then add your 2.5 scoops powder and cinnamon/cacao.
Shake really really well - like you’re shaking a cocktail ! Then side to side and upside down (hold the lid!) as well.

Then add any additional liquid (water / milk / coffee) and shake again.
Ideally you want to add coffee cold not hot.
Bizarrely I find a tsp of instant coffee tastes way nicer than a freshly brewed coffee.

Personally I would add instant cofffee (Nescafé espresso / gold blend or Millicano works superbly) with the powder at the beginning, instead of fresh filter coffee at the end.
If you really love your morning coffee, drink it hot on the side

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@Raffaele are you adding water/milk to Huel or the other way round?

Thank you so much for your answer!
To make Huel more smooth, I also use a metallic ball of those of the Blender Bottle shakers.

The problem is that starting from home I can’t divide liquids into more bottles (water and then milk + coffee) because I prefer to mix Huel on the spot. For this reason, I only bring the shaker with water, coffee and milk inside.
Perhaps a solution to the problem would be precisely to start with Huel already shaken.

I never use instant coffee and maybe that’s why maybe the cooled hot coffee loses “flavor”. I don’t necessarily need to take coffee, it’s just to give a little idea of the taste that I like. Tip: flavor boost or instant coffee then?

Liquids then Huel :slight_smile:

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Definitely buy some good quality instant coffee specifically for the purposes of flavouring Huel !
It works really well.
Freshly brewed coffee just doesn’t work in Huel. Not sure why, but pretty much everyone here agrees


YES! :+1: :grin::yum:

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The funny thing is that I’m really a coffee lover. At home, I have several blends that I try from all over the world and never before I have dreamed of buying instant coffee!
But I’ll try! Can I add it cold or should I boil water, add coffee and then cool?
Thank you so much for the tip.

Dry, straight from the jar. Spoon it in like you would a flavour boost.

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Yes - like Bee says, use the powder or granules and add it to your shake at the same time as the huel powder - dont make a cup of coffee from it - just add it straight to the Huel - it dissolves no problems and mixes well

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Same here!
I think the motto here is that real coffee shouldn’t be messed with - enjoy it as it is. And for coffee flavour for Huel, use instant granules !

Thank you so much!!!

Waiting to update you, for now I can say that using a scoop of classic vanilla and one without aromas, the added fresh coffee is absolutely imperceptible.
Updates will follow on Wednesday!
*edit, wait for tomorrow. today I just used a mocha flavor boost left :smile:

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Today I have shaken 2 scoops of UU with 400 ml of liquids (150ml almond milk and the rest water, both cold). I have added after some cinnamon and the instant coffee but perhaps because I took too little, the result was quite painful.
I’m considering the idea of blending my Huel and taking it from home, keeping it away from the fridge for an hour I get to work.

You said a holy truth!
I used the Clipper instant coffee that although in the instructions reported boiling the water and then adding it, I inserted it at the end of my Huel and it was exceptional!
A teaspoon and a half for about 500ml of liquid is a little bit but for sure it is more enjoyable than fresh ground coffee!
You were right!
Another great tip was to shake only Huel powder first and then add the rest (cocoa, cinnamon …). No lumps like this!
Thank you! <3


I add a good heaped teaspoon of instant (usually Kenco Millicano Americano) to 76g Huel powder + 100ml almond milk/350ml water, then shake and refrigerate :yum:

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Funny, I do it the other way round - add the instant coffee to the cold water (dissolves quickly) then add my Huel.


I would try to do the same now, prepare my Huel from home the night before, leave it in the fridge and take it to work. It stays out of the fridge just an hour before it consumes it and I think it stays well. Plus I could use the blender!

I bought the authentic powder matcha, I think it’s better than the Flavor Boost. Next week new experiments!
Does anyone use Matcha with other flavours like coffee, cinnamon or something else?

It also makes sense, indeed. Personal experience is that I have avoided any lumps by adding all the aromas after having already shaken Huel with the liquid.


That makes a lot of sense!

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Does anyone have experience with adding matcha?

I bought matcha today and I preferred it to use the flavoured boost.
I’ll start preparing Huel the night before, fridge, and then take him to work.

I haven’t used Matcha, but if it’s a powder, then I would add it with the Huel powder on top of the water and then shake it.

I’ve used real matcha tea powder in Huel. It mixes fine - I just add it with the Huel after the water.
Personally I find the Matcha Flavour boost actually better than real matcha. Same as the cacao flavour boost is suprisingly even better than real cacao (and I didn’t think that was possible!).