Huel pre-mixes with Milk(s)

I have found recently that I prefer some flavours when mixed with milk. For example, I did not like the coffee pre-mix with water, but preferred it with milk. I also tried the pre-mix mint-chocolate with water, but preferred it with milk. I experimented with different milk:water:huel mixes.
I now will do the same with the pre-mix chocolate. I like it thick and so find 600ml milk with 3 scoops amenable. I do not observe a vegan diet and so I have included skimmed milk in these trials, but also trialed rice milk, unsweetened soy milk, sweetened soy milk and almond milk.

I have additionally trialed flavoured milk (strawberry) with OV and U/U with added frozen berries but the quality is dependent on the flavoured milk, which, I find to be too sweet.

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When I first started using Huel I didn’t enjoy the taste using just water. I opted for either milk, or 50/50 milk and water. Still do sometimes when I am feeling daring, and when it’s going cheap in the shops (wasting milk is a crime).

The coffee one with milk and some mixed spice is delish, like a cinnamon nutmeg latte.

I use 100ml almond milk and occasionally hazelnut or oat milk in mine. I mix it with 350ml water.

Yeah I will second that coffee Huel is better with milk, but for me berry Huel did not work with milk

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