Huel and rice milk

Hi. I would like to share my experience with vanilla Huel. When I made my first drink I was not convinced by the taste. Unfortunately my subsequent shakes seemed getting worse. Since I had similar experiences with protein shakes, milk was an obvious solution. However adding it would be against my desire to try veganism. So I bought some milk alternatives and went on experimenting. Here are results:

  • soya - horrible, but I don’t like soya milk anyway, so that didn’t came as a surprise
  • almond - nice but too thick, and almond drink is quite artificial (only 2% almonds)
  • hazelnut - disgusting - like old rotten hazelnuts (and I love hazelnuts otherwise)
  • rice - as topic name suggests - that was the answer. Really good combination.
    Since rice milk is a bit too caloric (50 calorie per 100 ml), and the mix was too sweet anyway, i decided too pour 250ml only and top up with water. To my surprise it came out even better (and cheaper). Second week on Huel (50% of my diet) and I still enjoy the taste. Try it if are not fan of the water only mix. I hope it helps somebody.

I love a bit of milk in huel, it doesn’t take much to improve the taste. I use lactose free cow’s milk usually but have tried several milk alternatives. Almond milk to me is really hit and miss- sometimes it’s creamy and delicious but other times it tastes of liquid cardboard. The nicest soymilk I have tried is by m&s, they have a roasted soy variety that tastes nutty, it’s really good. I used to love rice milk but not so much any more. But I can see it marrying well with huel. You haven’t tried hemp, oat or coconut yet- your experiment isn’t complete!

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I think 50:50 is a good way to balance a more creamy taste and texture without adjusting the nutritionally profile too much. I’m not sure whether you saw this, but we made a really informative video about plant-milks which might interest you! At the end we run down what we thought of the different milks with Huel!

Oat milk is really nice :slight_smile:


I use water or rice milk. I love the taste.