Huel Black Vanilla with rice milk?

Would it make it too sweet with the added sugar of the rice milk?

I want to add carbs/calories without the oats and bring the protein in one sitting down a bit.

Something like 63g to 69g of Black and 250ml Alpro rice milk (plus water) to get to around 400kcal.


I don’t add milk to my Huel, but have tried rice milk and Huel. It’s quite thin, compared to other milks and definitely sweet. But if you have rice milk perhaps you like the sweetness? In terms of nutrition, from what I understand rice milk is high in carbs, but relatively low in protein and fats. If it works for you then great! But for me, reducing down that nutritious Huel BE for rice milk might not be ideal since it’s not adding so much more.

Thanks for your reply.

I don’t usually have rice milk but I was just seeing if I could get the carbs up and reduce the protein down a little down to something that may suit me as I’m not athletic nor a body builder. 63g of black is still 28g, so no small amount.

coconut milk was nice

usually i use water tho

“innocent” plant based milks have got my attention lately

hazelnut is amazing

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You’ve had it with Huel Black?

i had the coconut yeah w huel blk

was really god damn tastee

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