Lovin’ Vanilla Black

Just started on my new Huel Black Vanilla and was a little reticent after mixed reviews of the taste on here but got to say I really enjoy it! Tastes a lot more natural than the V3.0 to me, is lovely and thick and smooth and felt much more satiated afterwards. Have stopped worrying about scoop sizes. Tastes good, job done! :+1:

Ps, can’t sleep. :disappointed: Nothing to do with Huel, just fed up of being awake now! Even resorted to camomile tea tonight, no effect. Did stay away from my phone until gone 1am but if I’m not sleeping anyway…


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It is all rather confusing. Basically Black has natural sweeteners, 50% less carbs and is gluten free. Made of a base of pea protein instead of oats. Both are roughly 400 calories and all other nutritional aspects are the same.

Nobody will come out and say which is better in these forums and that’s the confusing bit! I don’t think either is better, but I figured less carbs would in some way to my mind help me more with weight loss, even if it has more fat in the Black and oats tend to make me more windy, which is also why I went for Black. Both are good though.

You’ve got it.

Weight loss is mainly about calories. It’s up to you if you fare better on a lower or higher carb diet.

Here’s an article explaining the difference between the two powders: https://uk.huel.com/pages/which-huel-powder-is-right-for-me

And an article on weight loss: https://uk.huel.com/pages/guide-to-fat-loss

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Hahaha, that old chestnut. Me too mate, me too

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But only in terms of calories in/calories out yeah surely? Increased activity does more doesn’t it?

Increased activity ups the amount of calories you can have in a day. Apps like MyFitnessPal will tell you how many calories you can have if you enter what exercises you’ve done into it.

I now prefer to use Huel black during the day and UU for breakfast.


Adjusting the amount you’re eating as a larger impact on weight loss simply because it takes a lot of effort/exercise to burn off 500kcal vs reducing your food intake.

However, exercise appears to be really helpful for maintaining weight loss for the long term which is where a lot of people struggle. This is on top of the multiple other physical and mental health benefits of exercising.

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Since V3 came into being and with no OV being offered I tried vanilla black. I know much prefer this to OV. However, I find 2 (new) scoops not enough so I use 2.5 or 4 heaped of the older scoop. I tend to use Black for my lunch on short days (8hr) and for elevenses and a late lunch on long (12hr) days.

Mixin’ Vanilla Black in a yogurt is a game changer!

In or into? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: