Weight Loss Advice - New to Huel

Hi everyone, hope you are all keeping well and safe.

I am looking at stating with Huel, I have put some weight on and am concerned due to heart issues in the family I need to sort this out. I have read loads and have got confused with all the different types, I was approached with Isagenix among others but I have always come back to Huel.

I am also trying to start exercising again, I was wondering if there is a big difference between the black option and traditional? It might be a stupid question but I really want to make the right decision and start making a difference to my health and lifestyle and any advice is greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance

Hello and welcome,

Huel 3.0 (the white packet) and Black Edition are indeed very different products - there’s LOADS of information on the Huel website about both and the differences between them.

Which one is right for you will really depend on your personal circumstances and what you eat other than Huel - they are both great products. For example, when I first started drinking Huel I was on a calorie restricted vegan diet and this made it difficult for me to get enough protein - Black Edition was perfect for this as it has a lot more protein per serving. Now that the majority of my calories come from Huel I get enough protein from 3.0 so I’ve switched to that as I really enjoy having more flexibility in the flavours.

Hey Matthew! Awesome to have you here :wave: It’s great to hear that you’re looking after yourself.

With all the different Huel products, generally the main difference is the format (Powder, Bar, Ready-to-drink) and often the choice comes down to when you want to have Huel and how convenient you need it to be.

Powder - less convenient but lowest cost per meal. You have most control over flavours and the nutritional profile is the most optimal

Bars and RTD - the most convenient, Bars good for snacks, and RTDs good for meals when you’re really on the go (like commuting/long car journey I find them great!), nutritional profile is still awesome.

Then v3.0 vs Black - from our site:

Black Edition is

ideal for Hueligans who are looking to reduce carb intake, avoid artificial sweeteners, or simply mix up nutrition intake alongside the other powders.

There’s an article here which might help you some more!

Don’t worry to much about which one to choose. Especially as some people just can’t stand the taste of one or the other. Maybe you can try both types of products and you’ll see what works best for you. You could also mix them.