First order…

I’m going to be placing my first order very soon.

I’m a kinda ‘all-in’ guy and will probably go full Huel on all meals.

I have questions

  1. I want to lose weight and control calories. Money aside…. Should I order black or normal or both? The idea of fewer calories in black is appealing but happy to hear advice.

  2. I don’t normally eat breakfast. Should I start doing so with Huel? Would doing so likely decrease hunger pangs?

  3. How many calories should I be eating?
    I do no exersizes, desk job, 6ft, ex-rugby build. 103kg.

Advice welcomed!!


Hey, welcome to Huel and the forum! :wave:

1 - It’s actually quite hard to recommend either v3.0 or Black Edition for weight loss. The main reason being that we deem most weight and fat loss to be mainly due to calorie deficit and we suggest a meal of 400 calories for both v3.0 and Black Edition. Therefore, you should choose whether you would like more carbs or more protein in your diet. Some people prefer more carbs to give them more energy but some people prefer more protein for growth and repair. It is entirely your choice!

Feel free to check out the following links, which might help you make your decision!

Comparison - Choosing the right Huel product
V3.0 Nutrition - The Huel Powder Formula Explained
Black Edition Nutrition - The Huel Black Edition Formula Explained

You want to be sure that you are consuming enough energy to fuel you throughout the day and creating habits that you are happy to maintain! This calorie calculator will help you work out how many calories you require: calorie calculator here. This a great place to start but of course, this is just an estimation of needs and it may need to be adjusted as you find what works best for you.

2 - Absolutely! Everyone’s bodies are different but I find one of the main benefits of Huel as a meal is that it keeps me full for a prolonged period of time, reducing the need to snack.

3 - This is entirely your choice. I would recommend calculating what you consume over a week or so and take an average. Then, reduce by 500kcal as you mentioned your goal was to lose weight. MyFitnessPal tends to be the best app for tracking calories based on my own experiences.

Hope this helps! Always happy to answer more questions you may have.

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Thanks for the reply.

I get your point around calories vs protein being engery vs muscle (kinda). I’ve ordered two Blacks and, as I subscribed, I got the free banana V3… so that worked nice.

I guess I’ll try and work out which is more important in the morning… the energy or the protein.

Given the structure of the powders; is the black more likely to keep me ‘full’ given that it’s more protein?



Ah so you’ll have best of both worlds! Will be great to try both and see what works best for you in terms of nutrition, taste, texture, and much more.

Protein is the most satiating macronutrient so will definitely keep you full, but the carbs in v3.0 release energy slowly and so I find this keeps me going too. I hope you enjoy both ranges!