Launching Huel Black Edition

Thank you for all your guesses on what Black Edition is. We’ve listened to your feedback and that of many other Hueligan’s over the years and have taken some of the most requested changes and combined them into an alternative Huel: Huel Black Edition.

Huel Black Edition has an alternative macronutritional ratio to Huel Powder and will give more Hueligans flexibility in their day-to-day diet.

Here is a rundown of everything you need to know! You can head here to get yours -

Here you can read some more detailed information -

and you can read a comparison page -

  • 50% lower carbs
  • 33% more protein (40g protein per serving)
  • no artificial sweeteners (sweetened with stevia + organic coconut sugar)
  • <5g sugar per serving*
  • kombucha for B-vitamins
  • added probiotics
  • green tea extract for polyphenol antioxidants
  • gluten-free
  • available in Vanilla and Chocolate flavours
  • plus all the other great things you’d expect from Huel, eg all 26 vitamins and minerals, high in omega-3s, high fibre, low sugar (less than 5% sugar), phytonutrients; like all Huel products, Huel Black Edition is nutritionally complete at 2,000 calories and each meal contains the right amounts of essential nutrients.

Some of our biggest requests are around a reduced carb version of Huel and this version has a macronutrient ratio of 17:40:40:3 (carbs:fat:protein:fibre). This is genuinely our most requested Huel ever and we’re so excited to release it.

Add two scoops of Huel Black Edition (90g) to water in a shaker, shake well and consume.

*Please note: there was a printing error in the booklets, incorrectly giving the sugar content as 9g; the level is <5g per serving

Why there’s no kelp in Black Edition
You might be wondering why Black doesn’t contain Kelp. We wanted to give you a little more backstory about kelp.

  • We’ve removed kelp from Black Edition based on feedback from Hueligans here about its inclusion in v3.0

  • We are seriously considering removing it from v3.0 in time, but nothing is confirmed yet

  • The reason kelp was included is that we needed a source of natural iodine to sell Huel directly in Japan. Kelp was, and still is, a great solution for this.

  • The intention was always to get a source with no risk of contamination, which as you’ve pointed out does exist; however, this has proven difficult to source and was not possible further down the line.



Thanks for the info on the new version.

Unfortunately all three linked pages are not loading for the EU site.

Hope someone update it soon.


I am very happy at having a Huel with flavour that has no sucralose. Will definitely be putting an order in later on today.


Hey there! We’re rolling out through the day! UK and Czech Republic sites are live. :raised_hands:

Edit: German site live!

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I like this bit

Huel Professional

For sporting professionals, military personnel, and anyone who is routinely drug tested, we provide Huel Professional.

So do we randomly get drugs in the non professional version ? :crazy_face:


Might explain the behaviour of some people on here…


Stop it sir! Don’t be silly now.



@JamesCollier So what is it aimed for? Is it suited for a working lifestyle like mine? Work + studying + running 2 times per week?

Huel UU is the 70-80% of my energy intake daily, and I am wondering if Black edition could be interesting for me.


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No. If you work, study or run then Black edition is not suitable for you.


Huel is suitable for most. If you’re looking to add a bit more flexibility to your diet, either reducing your carb intake (for whatever reason) or just want to get your carbs from somewhere else, then Huel is ideal for that.

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Thanks Tim, I guess the black edition is suited for Keto diet? Do you have more information about the benefits of using Black edition compared/combined with normal Huel?

If you read the articles you would see that black is not really suited for a keto diet.

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Hi @airiartev - Huel Black Edition is aimed at anyone who’s looking for a different macro ratio or wants to have more flexibility. So, yes that may include someone like yourself who works hard and does some regular exercise. You may, for example, want to have Huel Powder for some meals and Black Ed for others depending on your daily routine.

personally, I’m waiting for the complaints to start about the kelp being removed…


I’m super impressed with this version and love the macro breakdown. Keto friendly and great for active folk.

I’m very curious how you managed to get a kelp free version out so quickly - that’s a very speedy iteration of huel black originally included it. This’ll be my next order.


Although some people may wish to have Huel Black Ed on their keto diet, it’s not been designed for that and - for someone doing a keto diet properly - it may not be suitable as the carbs are still a little too high and also a keto diet should be relatively low in protein (with some leeway for someone doing a lot of exercise).

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I’m very curious how you managed to get a kelp free version out so quickly - that’s a very speedy iteration of huel black originally included it. This’ll be my next order.

With a lot of stress… :grimacing:


Ha I bet. The easy route would have been to stick with it and go all out; but I can’t tell you how good it feels to spend money with a company that so clearly values and acts on its customers feedback - this is why it’s so easy to recommend you to everyone.


I really like the look of this. Will they consider expanding the range to include unflavoured? (Doesn’t need to be unsweetened as it’s only sucralose I avoid). I don’t like vanilla. But I like a plain one so I can add my own berries and things

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Hello @JamesCollier @Julian @Dan_Huel I can’t tell you how gutted I was when I realised I would no longer be able to buy the latest and greatest version of Huel due to the addition of kelp.

Reading the release notes and nutritional make up of Huel Black Edition it has made my day and not only because it is made without kelp, but because it looks like a great deal of work has gone into designing the product and I can not wait to try it (just need to get through 10 bags of 2.3 that have arrived :grinning:)

Thank you for all your hard work and for developing Huel products based on feedback from your customers.

I do hope you can have rest over Christmas.