New Black Edition Flavour and Unflavoured! ☕

Some more exciting news this week is that we have finally got some new flavours for Black Edition!

Coffee Caramel - roasted coffee but with a shot of caramel plus all the good stuff about Black Edition – 50% less carbs, 33% more protein and no artificial sweeteners.

and an Unflavoured & Unsweetened variety of Black Edition! @airiartev especially for you :raised_hands:

They’re all on our Black Edition page here


Yessssssss! Black Edition UU: :white_check_mark:

I will order it on my next purchase

Strange soup leaked will be next?


Now this looks interesting to me, I might give it a try.

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Very interesting.

Are you considering new Huelingan/Family bags?

1,7kg White or 1,5kg Black can be small for some huelingans. Its just 3 days of food @Tim_Huel

Haha my timing is impeccable as always…

I’ve just had my delivery and have 25kg to get through before I can try this! :man_facepalming:t3:


wow - I was cringing thinking I have 9kg left to get through before changing up :smile:

Does Coffee Caramel contain caffeine? If so, how much in a 400 kcal serving compared to a regular cup of coffee?

it does and is listed on the products nutrition information - 66mg / 400kcal serving compared to an average of 47mg in one cup (170ml) of instant coffee or 95 mg in regular coffee.


The exact same thing happened with the Raspberry and White Chocolate bars too - I had two boxes arrive on the day they announced them.

Next time my order is dispatched I’ll let you all know ahead of time so you know something exciting is definitely planned :joy:


Heh I had five boxes unopened when that one dropped.

Yeah… my driver and my friends suddenly were gifted with huel lol.

Awesome thanks a lot guys, craving for the UU black variety for quite some time now.


Out of curiosity, why is it interesting to you? As you already live off 100% U/U, what benefits are you looking at Black to provide you with you feel regular Huel might not be providing?


I don’t believe Huel Black has any extra benefits over Huel White, in fact I believe the oats contained in Huel White provide additional benefits that are not found in Huel Black.

I’m not a fan of sweeteners - not because they wouldn’t be safe, I just don’t like them and consider them non-essential. That’s why I wasn’t a fan of the very first Huel, before they came out with U/U, and why I only had maybe a couple of Huel bars in total. I’m also not a fan of added sugar.

Huel Black U/U is the first product from Huel since Huel White U/U that does not contain sweeteners or added sugar. I am a curious person, and don’t consider myself a Huel zealot, so if I see a product that ticks all the boxes, I’d be willing to try it - and Huel Black U/U (on paper) ticks the same boxes as Huel White U/U.

If I decide to put on some muscle, instead of remaining at maintenance (which is what I’ve been at for years), then I can see myself consuming 2000kcal/day of Huel White, and get the extra 500kcal/day from Huel Black.

To summarize: I don’t think Huel Black is better than Huel White, I’m simply curious, and I would not eat Huel Black for 100% of my calories.

Edited: I might as well buy a few bags of Huel Black U/U just to express appreciation of Huel in general, to thank Huel that they are listening to their customers’ requests, and to show Huel that there is demand for U/U versions of their products. If I end up not liking Huel Black, I can just pass it onto someone else, Huel Black appears to be in-demand.


Black U&U is the best decision somebody at Huel has ever made. Maybe.

How much caffeine does it contain? Also why does Huel Black contain caffeine?

Edit: I assumed the missing carbs (from the sugar) would have been replaced with more tapioca, but it hasn’t. So it’s a bit more keto friendly - 65.6g of carbs per 2000kcal.

6.5g of sugar per 2000kcal.

It still has more sugar than I would like to compared to White UU but I am happy with this version

I’m not entirely sure what you mean, but I do know that basically if we made everything in bigger sizes (bars, shakers, pouches) you would be a very happy person Hueligan!! Why wouldn’t you just purchase more pouches? You get bulk discount that way too, as you know.

Huel Black Edition contains a negligible amount of caffeine, around 0.6mg, coming from Green Tea Extract. Then in Chocolate a little more, because of chocolate! And coffee, well, obviously you know why there!


Fair enough. :+1:t6:

I fully expect anything that says it is coffee flavoured should contain coffee rather than only taste of coffee. I’ve been adding coffee to my Huel Black and I’ll keep doing this. I’m more intrigued about the decision to add caramel to coffee.

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Thanks a lot!

Now I definitely want to try Huel Black Edition - and I don’t think I will ever go back to the “normal” Huel…