Coffee Caramel - Opinions

I’ve just seen the new Coffee Caramel Huel Black and was surprised to not find a feedback thread here.
Has anyone received and tried it yet? Would love to hear what people think of it.

Also, does anyone know if it actually contains coffee? I can’t really have coffee anymore but love the flavour so if it’s just coffee flavour, then I may have to get a bag!

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I think it’s literally JUST been announced, so no doubt people will be trying it very soon and posting their opinions.
It does sound good!
I’ve got about a years supply of huel already in my cupboard so can’t buy anymore just yet!

No feedback thread yet. But there’s a thread about Black Edition CC here so you could post yours in there when you have some!

Black Edition has caffeine in. Around 66mg per 400kcal serving, is that what you mean, or are you asking if it contains real ground coffee?

My feedback is that it reminds me quite a lot of the old Mocha Flavour Boost, which I love. However, I chatted with someone who didn’t love the Mocha FB but did love Coffee Caramel Black Edition, so who knows! Either way it’s delish!

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Oh the old mocha fb was one of my favs :yum:

Have you considered offering a decaf version?

I would imagine that it’s not very economically viable for them. Whilst public trends lean towards reducing their caffeine intake, this doesn’t directly translate to sales. Only 3 countries in the world have the percentage of decaffeinated coffee sales in double digits – the US is the largest, but even that is less than 20% - globally, decaffeinated currently accounts for around 9 to 10% of all coffee sales. If you combine that with the percentage of sales that coffee flavoured powders represent for Huel – then you are looking at a probably very low volume/niche flavour.

It would also reduce the profit margins. Whilst many retailers sell decaf at the same or only slightly higher price to regular – they do so at a reduced profit. The decaffeination process adds anything up to $1 USD / kilo of raw beans. That’s how it looks on paper at least – it could prove to be more popular in reality - but that’s a financial risk they would have to be prepared to take.

It’s really good, certainly my favourite of the black editions :slight_smile:. Would also like a decaf option though!

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Thanks for the detailed information!

Maybe decaf is a bit more expensive in production, but on the other hand the extracted caffeine can be used in (often relatively expensive) pharmaceutical products.

Meal replacements with caffeine have a big disadvantage: They can’t (or should not) be used in the late afternoon/evening. At least if one doesn’t want to risk a bad sleep quality.

The best thing would be a “caffeine antidote” - something that “unblocks” or disinhibits adenosine receptors. I’ve never found something like that, though. I think there are agents like this, but only in experimental, preclinical settings - and there they are used as potent anti-inflammatory agents.

yeah - I’ve heard that 2-3pm is the normal cut off time if you don’t want your sleep disrupted. I think it would be only economically viable for them if they switched all of their sourced coffee to decaf to help mitigate the cost.

If you want a decaf coffee flavour, you can use the mocha flavour boost.

Well, it’s not the same as the premix I guess - especially if you have allergies to an ingredient of the flavour boost.

It’s really nice. Not too sweet and not too salty. It does appear a lot thinner than other flavours.

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After trying the Black Edition Chocolate and Vanilla, I was a little hesitant to try the CC. I’ve been using the normal 3.0 for some time and love the taste the oats give. I found the black chocolate tasted darker with no punch and the vanilla tasted earthy. I think my taste buds have grown accustom to 3.0.

But the CC is really good. My Huel routine was V3.0 coffee each morning, with various other flavours throughout the day. Now it’s switched to CC each morning so at least I’m getting one meal with fewer carbs.

The coffee flavour comes through well and the caramel is subtle, so not too sweet. So I’m pleased I finally have a way to incorporate the black edition into my diet.


enjoyed this flavour today.

j’adored the coffee white powder, now this black with caramel. corr blimey guvnor, really tasty.

huel doing everything right IMO.

so, i prefer black powder… so, hoping for further variety of flavours, im assuming i wont be disappointed. i have only been impressed since 17 months ago when i started huel. more energy to succeed, to reach my potential, to win.

thnx guyz

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