Huel Black is now the flagship product! (Proof inside)

This setup didn’t happen by accident


It’s certainly very closely contested between them :laughing: I also just panicked that this was actually on the website, so thanks for that scare this morning!! Which is your flagship?


Black UU all the live long day, baby.

From a design perspective I think it just works better with Black Edition at the front :joy:

OK we updated our site.


Love to see it :ok_hand:

The flavours of Black edition just seem to be very odd - I still don’t understand why there are two different caramel flavours…I’d really appreciate it if you introduced a pure coffee flavour for Black Edition.

Maybe someone from the team could comment on that - what is the reason why you don’t offer a proper coffee flavour for BE?

Maybe because it’s pretty easy to just add coffee. I just add instant coffee granules if I want plain coffee. Salted caramel and coffee caramel taste pretty different to each other iirc.

We tried a few coffee flavour profiles - more bitter, more milky etc - coffee caramel was the preferred flavour pairing from our internal taste testing :slightly_smiling_face:

Looks like we have a new king in town…

Or should I say Hero?


‘Hero’ doesn’t refer to the product. It’s the position it sits on the website, i.e. the hero spot on site. We change the photography here to reflect our latest products, i.e. we just launched protein, so we will move protein to front and centre for a while. I really wouldn’t read so much into this :laughing:

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