Salted Caramel Flavour Boost

Hi all, I know this is a pointless post, but my love and enjoyment of consuming Huel Black edition has been dented and I needed to at least tell you guys at Huel just this one time.

Salted Caramel Flavour Boost was INCREDIBLE and I’m gutted you’ve got rid of it. I’ve tried Flavdrops and all the other alternatives, but nothing else hits the spot quite like this did. Salted Caramel Black Edition just doesn’t taste the same as adding the Flavour Boost powder separately (in my case to Black Edition Vanilla).

I’m trying to persevere but speaking honestly, I don’t enjoy Huel as much as I used to and it’s solely because I can no longer buy the Salted Caramel Flavour Boost. Consuming my Huel used a be a real treat every single time, I never got bored of it with the flavour boost added, now it’s nowhere near as exciting. I’ve ordered probably about a third as much Huel as I did last year as I just don’t have it as often now. And it’s all because of the Flavour Boost.

I know they’re not coming back but needed to let you guys at Huel know just in case there’s ever the possibility that you even think about bringing them back. Sorry for the very self indulgent post but my god, I’m gutted this has gone!!


Ow this isn’t ideal, sorry you’re not a fan of Huel without the flavour boost.

Can I ask did you used to add the flavour boost to the salted caramel?

Have you considered our Salted Caramel black Ready to drink, I think you’d love it!

I mean, that is one way to announce a new product.

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I thought the announcement was tomorrow… this is nicely done. Catch everyone out with a sneaky teaser.

You just know that there will be Rogue One trailer level outrage when the cool all black teased bottle doesn’t make it to production – @Mark_Huel brace yourself for that :joy:

Now that is a mess up and half because that certainly isn’t a thing :sweat_smile:

I meant to say Salted caramel Ready to drink :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Sorry for building any hype there!

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only available in the Chocolate then?

edit: & Vanilla :slight_smile:


I do like huel black edition anyway, but just showing my support for flavour boosts; as a person living in a tiny flatshare (thanks, London rent prices…), I have very limited kitchen cupboard space so it was great to be able to have a range of flavour options without taking up the space of 4 or 5 big huel pouches. That being said, I’m sure removing that cheaper option encourages people to buy more powder so I guess it won’t make business sense to go back.

they did try relaunching them but people just weren’t buying them and they were binned soon after - a victim it seems of the flavoured powder core options and people experimenting with their own flavour additions (Powdered peanut butters, flavoured instant coffee and chocolate drinks etc. even soluble powdered natural flavours like Amoretti’s Salted Caramel Extract or Bobica’s freeze dried vegan and organic fruit powders).

Still using mine …way after date. Seem fine.

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interesting - first thing I always found with out of date Huel powders was the flavour was the first (noticeable) thing to go - how is the flavour strength in these?

Exactly as before. These chemicals are stable!!! :grinning:

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I’m currently going through a bag of Black vanilla with a bbe date of Oct 2021 (I think) :woman_shrugging::grimacing:

That’s good to know…means my bag of vanilla with a BBE of August 2022 still has some more life left in it :joy: