Bring back the old flavour boosts

I am absolutely GUTTED by what Huel have done with their flavour boosts. I used to genuinely love the chocolate and mocha, as well as very much liking the banana and mint chocolate flavours. Now the they all range from ‘meh’ to ‘bleugh’. As my supply of the old, nice powders runs out I have been trying to find alternatives but nothing is as good as what I was happily consuming day after day for well over a year.

I’ve tried them all via a few boxes of the sample packs. The new mocha is horrible. It was my joint favourite and the first time I tried it I had to pour it pour it down the sink in disgust. (I’ve tried it twice more since and I still think it is awful - so it wasn’t just the surprise of it.) The new chocolate is the best of the new versions of my formerly prefered four, but nowhere near as good as it was. Banana tastes more natural… until the aftertaste kicks in. And I prefer artifical banana-milkshake type flavours anyway… Mint chocolate just tastes like a slightly nerfed version of what it was, but that was my forth choice flavour anyway, so that is scant consolation.

Of the others in the sample pack - salted caramel, berry and strawberry are ‘ok’ but I wouldn’t want them regularly. Spiced Pumpkin is surprisingly alright, so I now have a bag of that out of desperation for variety, rather than any great love. Apple Cinnamon and Peanut Butter didn’t come through enough for me to really form an opinion either way.

So, I’ve looked beyond the flavour boosters to cacao powder, cocoa powder, peanut butter powder, decaff coffee powder and various combinations of them (not peanut butter plus coffee though obviously!). I’ve even tried Jordans Skinny Syrups, having seen them recommended on the forum. Nothing compares favourably to the old flavour boosts, even if some of them are ‘ok’. They are usually less economical too. As I say, I’m genuinely gutted, and frankly very annoyed, which I think is fair enough given that I have come to rely on this product for two thirds of my daily meals.

So, come on Huel - bring the old flavours back please, so I can get back to feeling good about Huel and actually recommend it to people I talk to with confidence that you won’t pull the rug out on them as you have done me.

And if anyone else has any recommendations for powder-based flavourings that I might try, I’d appreciate it.


Why not, sounds delish :wink:

Not powder based but designed to work with powders, you could try these:
Big range of flavours and fairly strong so you don’t need to use much.

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I also miss the old flavour boosts. I now use flav drops.

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I use them now and again but not bought any for a while as they do last ages, and I also try other things, but see there are some new ones since I last looked.

Thanks very much for the suggestion. Do they get on well with my usual Vanilla powder, like the flavour boosts did, or are they better with unflavoured Huel?

I’ve only ever used them with Vanilla or Chocolate powder and they work well with either.