Flavours changed?

We’ve been using Huel for a year now. We are using it to have a quick breakfast, before Huel I skipped breakfast way to many times. We loved the extra flavours to change things up a little. We were aspecially in love with the matcha, mocha, toffee and banana. Those flavours changed lately and not for the better.

Matcha is no longer available, but we fixed that by buying a bag of matcha ourselves.
The banana has a more chemical taste now. Not really bad, not as good either.
The toffee is changed to salted caramel, we think toffee was way better.
Mocha was our favorite and we used it the most by far. We bought a new package a couple of weeks ago and we opened it last week. When I added it to my Huel and drank it, it made me puke. The aftertaste was really, really bad. This flavour went from best to worst.

We get that Huel changes the flavours up every once in a while, but we are a little disappointed now because our favorite flavours are gone. In case of the mocha one we are not sure if this change is intentional or if we had a bad batch. Does someone else have this experience to?


I didn’t really try the FB’s much before they changed last November (so have no frame of reference to previous versions) but gave them all a try recently – generally I liked them but Mocha wasn’t one of them:

‘inoffensive but not great either. Slightly fake ‘soapy’ aftertaste. Drinkable but wouldn’t use it again. No real stevia bitterness though. Would simply add espresso to a chocolate flavour instead.’

I loved the old mocha fb but find mixing in 1 teasp of chocolate fb and 1 teasp of a decent instant coffee powder/granules gives me pretty much the same taste.

Really sorry to hear this. We’ve been keeping close to comments around the mocha flavour boost and the team are looking to amend the flavour. We’ll keep you posted.

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Agreed, I really loved toffee, old banana and old caramel. RIP :frowning:
Huel’s got some thing for “natural” now, whatever that means.

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Completely agreed on the old Mocha. Combined with unflavoured / unsweetened, it was something I looked forward to.

I find all of the new flavours a bit bland to be honest. I’m not sure if there was a change across the board, but the old flavours worked well with unflavoured / unsweetened. The new flavours (mocha, chocolate, berry, apple cinnamon) all seem to need to need to be mixed with Original (can’t get on board with new vanilla!) to make them taste of anything.

I’ve been using Huel for a few years now, often buying in bulk, and recently finished my supply of flavour boosts.
I’ve just made it through a sample pack and there’s not one flavour that I could live with long-term.

The Pineapple & Coconut flavour was perfect because it cut out the underlying flavor of Huel, which I find pretty unpleasant (even using the vanilla powder as a base), and was a flavour I could live with long-term without getting sick of it.
Toffee was the only other flavour to do this, but I found it too sickly-sweet to live with long-term; only an occassional change to mix things up.

Most of these new flavours are awful, with only the Strawberry and Berry flavours being tolerable; but they’re very artificial tasting and don’t mask the underlying flavour of Huel.
Actually, I just had the strawberry before starting to write this post, and I think it may have triggered a migraine.

As someone that is disabled, discovering Huel really did change my life for the better.
It’s a meal replacement I could easily make by myself in only a few minutes, and far more nutritious than anything else I would have had in its place. It’s really helped control my weight too.
I really hope they bring back some of the old flavours. I’m sitting on bags of Original Vanilla with no way to drink them.

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You could try these: https://www.myprotein.com/sports-nutrition/sugar-free-syrup/11087103.html
I’ve tried the butterscotch and maple and both go well with Original.

And these are good too. https://www.trkg.co.uk

I think @DunsfordMage recommended them but if not I apologise to him.

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Another similar one is:

I’d been looking at those as a way of dealing with my squash “habit”. Recommendable?

I’ve not tried those; but https://www.uncleroys.co.uk/natural-extracts-essences-and-colours.html is another one worth a recommend.

Another I used to use a lot and still do occasionally are flavdrops: https://www.myprotein.com/sports-nutrition/flavdrops/10530471.html

I have about 6 different ones at the moment, but just checked their website and there are new additions. Butter biscuit, cheesecake and marzipan grabbed me. I may even place an order.

The old banana boost by Huel is my favourite by far; I stocked up when they changed the recipe; glad I did. Still use it several times a week.

I’m really happy with the flavours I’ve got of huel tbh. It’s just the drinks of water, it’s vile around here so I flavour it with squash, which carries a small calorie value. Over the course of a day I might do that like 10 times which starts to mess up my counting.

This the zero calorie concept lol.

I’m not sure that any of those options would work as a replacement for squash to be honest. Better to get one of these: https://doulton.com/product-category/gravity-fed-filter/?gclid=CjwKCAjwxqX4BRBhEiwAYtJX7ce55vSdigVB38BOhcc3V3J1se7dp42dj0n_f4TONOUptPrnvGiQ0xoC59oQAvD_BwE

Yes, there was a general change. There is much less sweetener in all the new flavour boosts.

I used to have a terrible Robinsons Peach Barley Water habit. I was like a junkie.

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