Anyone have old rhubarb and custard or mocha flavours?

Sadly Huel stopped selling my favourite flavour boost, rhubarb and custard, and they significantly changed the recipe for the mocha boost – it’s much more creamy now and sadly I preferred the original.

Long shot, but did anyone here buy either of those flavours and decide they didn’t like it? Can only assume they weren’t popular if they were changed! If so, I’d like to buy whatever you’ve got left! Thanks :blush:

I loved the old mocha :sob:
They need to bring it back
And cacao. And matcha. And caramel.
And mint-choc!

Mint choc is still on sale, did they change that one too?? Say it isn’t so… I was just about to buy more!

It’s not the same. I prefer the old one.
It’s only a fiver (or get a sample pack for even less) so worth trying.
I love pumpkin spice and apple cinnamon but apart from that all the old flavour boosts were better imo.

Shame. I have friends who feel the same. I already wrote to Huel support saying I preferred the old ones, maybe we all should…

I quite like the new cherry chocolate flavour, although I suspect I’d like it even more if it was more like the old style chocolate flavours!

you could always try a concentrate flavouring

I didn’t realise they’d changed all the flavourings. I only just started on the Huel again last week.

I didn’t buy any flavour boosts because I only really liked a couple of them before and I found that I became bored with those flavours because I didn’t like enough of them to actually have variety.

Are people not fans of the new ones then?

@dan some of them are great. Try apple cinnamon, pumpkin spice, gingerbread - these are most popular.
The main difference is the sweetener content has drastically been reduced, so the boosts don’t work so well in unflavoured anymore, unless you add sugar or something to bring out the flavour.
I’d suggest getting a couple of boxes of samples and just try them out. They work well in the sweeter powders.
Personally I love the peanut butter one but I seem to be the only person :laughing:
I put two heaped tsps in half original and half UU. It was delicious

Are the sample packs made up of the new flavours now then?

Because last time I was on Huel, the sample packs were the ‘classic’ flavours and didn’t include the newer ones like the chocolate and mint.


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Worth a shot! Thanks for the link. I tend to find it really hard to get the balance right with these sort of flavour supplements though. I found it difficult to make the boosts too strong, I put in roughly double the recommended amount and it’s about right.

I like apple cinnamon and cherry chocolate, I’d order them both again. But they both still have a ‘mildness’ that I not fond of, similar to the change in the mocha flavour, it got a lot more creamy.

So it depends why you didn’t like the originals. Apparently people tend to get bored of specific flavours more quickly than more generic flavours – why Coca Cola is the most popular drink in the world, it doesn’t really have a very specific flavour. But personally I don’t like mild flavours, I need a little zing. Hence why I usually end up putting in about 8g flavour per 80g Huel.

If you disliked the originals because they were too strong, you might be in luck.

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