Rhubarb & Custard FS Boost - anyone willing to send me a little bit?

I would love to try the Rhubarb & Custard flavour system boost, but don’t want to buy a massive bag and then find out I hate it.
Does anyone have a bag of it, who would be willing to send me like 6g of it in the post (enough for about 3 shakes) so I can try it out?
I’m happy to pay the cost and the postage (which probably would only be a 2nd class stamp).
Or I could send you a flavour boost sample of your choice in return. I think I have samples of most of the flavours as I bought some flavour sample packs, but Rhubarb & Custard isn’t in there.
Or a sample of a premix of your choice if you prefer - I have new vanilla, original, mint-choc (all GF but they taste the same as the standard).
Anyone willing to oblige?


I’d be happy to send you a sample, Christina.


Aw thats awesome thanks Bee - I’ll DM you xx


The best way to try all the available flavours is by ordering the sample box. Assuming it’s still available.

Hi @Wendy_Shepherd the rhubarb & custard flavour is not included in the flavour sample box. Hence why I asked here, as it’s not possible to buy a sample from Huel. Bee came to my rescue :blush: