Any way to get a sample of rhubarb and custard?

I’m currently working my way through the samples in the sample flavour pack (which is a great idea, btw) and noticed that Huel currently sells 11 flavours, but the sample pack only contains 10 of them. Is there any way to get hold of a sample of Rhubarb and Custard? It sounds like it would be up my street, but I’m a bit wary of buying a full pack because so far me thinking I’ll like/not like a flavour isn’t actually a good predictor of whether I actually like it!

Are you in sweden? If so, I could send you the one I got in sample pack

Thanks very much for the reply and the offer but unfortunately I’m in the UK. Interesting to hear that it used to be in the sample pack though! I might try pinging Huel support direct and seeing if they have any sample packs with it left in.

Just buy it! It’s great I love it. I have it at lunch on most days…chocolate in the evenings…and mocha flavour in the mornings.