Smaller bags/sample products?

Is there a way to get samples of each flavour? It would a lot better if you could order one meal of a flavour to decide before committing to a whole bag


in a word - no. There are MANY threads on here where it’s been discussed and the reasons from Huel why they don’t. You have various options such as building your own bundle of different products or you could try single products of the ready to drink flavours from the many retail outlets dotted around the country. If you do that and are ok with it, you can also buy variety boxes of the different flavour RTD’s as a single box purchase which are cheaper than doing the same thing as the regular priced retail bottles.


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I wanted to echo Phil’s words and add that if you do decide to try Huel and find that it is not what you expected, whatever the reason may be, simply reach out to our customer service team who will do their best to assist. it’s as simple as that :pray: