Is there a good way to sample all the Huel Black flavors?

I mean in a way I could sample them or something? I really would like to love a flavor other than Vanilla but scared to blow away a chunk of money. Last year wasted cash on Peanut Butter flavor that I despised and ended up tossing it cus i hated the flavor so much and it feels really bad to do that obviously.

there are no sample packs so the only way to do it is to add single bags to your order or try similar flavour boosts. If you don’t like a main flavour there are options to add your own complimentary ingredients to them to make them more palatable while you finish the bag. Peanut butter for example you could have tried apple, honey/caramel, ginger, oats, berries, salt, yogurt, and chocolate.

Well some sort of sampler option should be something Huel looks into. These bags costs too much to be guessing if you’ll like a favor. I mean I get you can add stuff to em but still, the a sampler option would be nice.


they used to offer them a long time back but stopped them for various reasons

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I agree they should provide a sample pack, with all the flavours, 1 portion each. And price it as a normal bag.
It would make a lot of margin for them, but I also understand they don’t want to since it would create a lot of waste.

The best I can offer is if you end up with a turkey then you can cut it with other flavours to make it easier to drink. UU or vanilla are my go to if I need to soften the impact

Let’s be honest here, the only reason is that it costs them too much otherwise this is a good idea. I have been trying Huel for a few months now and still need to finish the bags I dislike. I am sure most people can pretty quickly figure out whether they like something or not.

I only drink Black. My favorite is definitely Salted Caramel! I have also tried Cinnamon Bun (ok but not as good), Cookies and Cream (too sweet) and Coffee Caramel (Not my cup of tea) and I manage to finish them by mixing them 50/50 with Salted Caramel. You could try that if you end up buying something that you don’t love.

I didn’t like my first Huel. It took me about 5 attempts to get something I liked. I played around with the water temperature (chilled or ambient), ratio of Huel to water, how much per portion, attempts at additional flavouring like cacao powder. If I only bought a single or triple serving pouch I’d probably have walked away.


if you took the time to read through some of the historical threads on the matter rather than expressing your own opinions as definitive statements, you would know that they did do it before and it really wasn’t a popular option so, like any other product that doesn’t sell well it was dropped.

As Coup and others have replied on this and (the many) other similar threads, its the kind of product that the majority of users grow into and not something they instantly like as far as its taste goes - as there are many other factors that can change that. The flavour boost can also give people an approximate impression of the tastes of other products although granted, these do not cover new premix flavours that are released.


I bought the cinnamon swirl last time as my son really loves it. I wasn’t as impressed with this flavour, but I add instant decaf coffee granules to the powder to change the taste slightly and I have to say that I really like the flavour with the coffee added. I have been away on holiday this week and I took my Huel with me. After eating all the yummy products that Somerset had to offer, I found myself craving my Huel on a couple of mornings. I actually refused bacon butties in favour of my coffee cinnamon swirl!
Thanks for a great product Huel team! :smiley:


Where about in Somerset did you visit?

We went to Blue Anchor Bay nr Minehead. It was gorgeous weather and we walked the beaches every day. Beautiful spot and fairly quiet. Great break. :blush:


Oh yes I know it. I live in Somerset so always curious as to where people go. Has some nice sandy stretches. A few hidden little bays on that section of the coast.

Yes we walked to Dunster beach the one day, which was lovely but I was feeling it after the walk back! Ha ha :hot_face:

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Dunster town is quite quaint also.

It really is. We loved it. :blush:

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An oldie but a goodie! Such a great little hack this one. Pretty awesome that you wanted your Huel so much on holiday too! I’ve found myself have more Huel on the weekends recently for breakfast whereas before I often ate out. I’m working out more on a Saturday than before, so always want Huel before that!

Your holiday to Somerset sounds lovely. Good ol’ South West :farmer: :sun_behind_small_cloud:

Thanks Tim it was really great. :sun_with_face::sun_with_face:

You can buy samples on eBay