Flavour Sample Suggestion

So I’ve been using Huel for a while and have stuck to 2 flavours and want to try more but don’t want to buy a whole bag incase I don’t like the flavour. I know there’s a starter pack of the flavour boosts, maybe it would be a good idea if you could do the same for the V.3 and black powders so people can try the flavours to see which they like, before buying a whole bag?

Just a thought, let me know what you think.

I agree, I think this would be a good idea.
However, I think this may be a plan for the future. I know Huel are working hard to reduce the environmental impact of their packaging, and to do this would require them designing and ordering a whole new set of bags for the product to be sent out in. I’d imagine once they start shipping their standard products in something they are happier with, this could be one of the things they’ll look into.

One way you can try other flavours (though obviously limited) is to get the mixed box of ready-to-drink huel, as my assumption is, that’s effectively just the powder but pre-made, so would give you an idea of roughly what to expect if you bought a bag of it.

Huel used to do 100g sample packs. But discontinued them for environmental reasons and because it is not always easy to get your Huel meal right with just one go - it often takes a bit of tweaking to make it just right.

I did buy quite a few of the samples as made it easy to carry around. I don’t think they will be back any time soon.

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Thanks for the suggestion, I do like the idea of a little multipack box of all the flavours but it isn’t something we’re working on right now. Which flavour do you most want to try?

A couple actually. I was curious about trying original cause I like flavouring my own Huel (at the moment I stick to adding flavourings to vanilla powder) but thought maybe original might work better or have a better result? I was also curious about the chocolate powder as I like the chocolate RTD but have read it tastes different.

Would make far more sense IMO to expand the flavour boosts and bring back the larger flavour packs. They made it so easy to customise and experience a range of flavours without tons of open big bags.

do you mean these Tristan? - I know the packaging changed but are they smaller now?

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Aha, yes!

My brain didn’t register those when I was in the shop yesterday. And there’s new ones as well. Happy days :slight_smile:

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