Flavour pouch samples

Jus a thought, as a new Huel customer: I went with the toffee pouch because I knew I’d want to add a bit of sweetness to my Huel. I have no problem paying £8.50 for a pouch because I know it will last a good while, but what would be good is being able to buy a sample pack containing a little of each flavour. That way I won’t have to spend £60 to try them all, and risk having a pouch of flavouring that I don’t like after the first try.

Just an idea, it’d make thing easier for your customers I think.



Great idea! I’d certainly purchase a sample pack. Hope it’s a possibility :slight_smile:

Yep I think that’s a great suggestion. Would definitely buy into samples of the flavourings.

+1 from me

Thank you for the suggestion. We are looking in to it. The issue so far is MOQs of 55,000, which would be a total for 385,000 for all 7 flavours. The small sachets are also paper which is not ideal for long term storage.

We will continue to investigate.


MOQ == Minimum Order Quantity, to save anyone Googling.

I’d be happy with a little zip lock bag containing a tea spoon of each flavor.I appreciate that would be labor intensive - but I expect you could sell this at a higher margin. I’d happily pay a premium for the samples just to give me an idea of what I like and don’t like before I order a proper pack.

I imagine someone in the Huel workforce could spend a day tea spooning from the larger packets into zip bags - although it might make them feel like some kind of drug lord…

Good idea but not scalable and we need to think about food safety. Plus the ordering process.

My latest idea is to create a selection pack, all 7 flavours in 2g sachets each, which could be purchased on the site as a multi pack. Probably about £1 delivered. How does that sound?


Ah yes - food safety. I suppose I should be grateful that’s considered!

Sounds great to me.

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I’d buy that.

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I’d definitely buy it!

I’d also buy it. I’m new to Huel and have yet to try anything but Vanilla but I am interested in the flavourings. I’ve just been holding out until I’m sure I want to make Huel a regular part of my diet. Having the option to try the flavourings without committing £8.50 to one single flavour would be a definite buy from me.

Would definitely buy that — and not just as a one-off taster to see which flavours I like, but for regular use.

Sounds good. It’s really just as a sampler thing so as to see what’s worth buying bigger versions of, so a wee sample kit would be awesome.

You could maybe consider packaging these alongside the Huel samples as well, just to reach your new customer base more widely, and also to avoid losing custom from folk who don’t like the base flavour, but might like it with a bit of pizzazz? :wink:

Fantastic idea. I really want to try all of the flavours to see what’s best but I certainly can’t afford paying for them all, especially when I might not like that flavour.

I’d definitely pay for tiny samples and they’d no doubt get further custom from me buying full flavour packs.

Would definitely buy!

I was looking to raise this point. I tried chocolate and ordered mocha but was put off trying others by the cost. Samples would be great.

I would love this to have been the case. I quite like the Vanilla Huel but bought two flavour pouches for variety, I hate them! I must be sensitive to the taste of Stevia because they taste very strongly of artificial sweetener. I couldn’t finish a serving of Huel with them in.

I’ve just thrown £15.00 down the pan :frowning:

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@Shelley_Wood stevia is not artificial, it’s a natural product.

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A little teaser for you!


That looks awesome! Any idea when we’ll b able to get our hands on them? I’ve been planning on ordering a couple of flavours, but if I can grab all of them in trial sizes soon I’ll hold off till then and be sure which ones I want to buy full sizes of.

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