Pouches of Flavours are now live

Hi Huelers,

I’m please to say that the pouches of flavours are now live: http://huel.com/products/natural-flavour-and-sweetener-pouches

They use both natural flavours and a natural sweetener. Price is approx 11p per use.


I’m intrigued by the strawberry flavour. Does it change the colour of it?

You give us something nice and I immediately ask for something else…but I was just curious about any experimentation y’all might’ve been doing with savoury flavours? Maybe it’s just that I love salty snacks way too much (I’m from “the South” in the US originally, we love things coated in salt and butter)…but I find while I enjoy the taste of Huel, I find myself craving something savoury or a little salty.

I am very excited to try out the toffee flavour though. :smiley:

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Thanks for the suggestion. We will find a suitable savory flavour. I need to do some more experimenting first.