Flavor Packs

I bought the little box of a bunch of flavor packs and started trying them a few days ago. Wow. I have to say the last time I previously tried a flavor was a year ago (strawberry which tasted fairly synthetic). I have to say the flavors I have tried have been marvelous!! Also knowing 1 packet per 2 scoops makes things far easier. Well done - I love them now!!


THANK YOU ERIC! So pleased to hear you say it. Yes the Berry/Strawberry has had a total makeover! Which ones are your faves! Be sure to get yourself a full pouch of Flavour Boost once you’ve decided your favourite.

Also worth mentioning is that the flavour packs don’t include Gingerbread and Chocolate Cherry. They’re limited edition flavours so you gotta buy a full pack. Personally, I think Gingerbread tastes amazing!


got three x2 flavour boosts today( this evening) i did like them a lot , berry, banana and pnut butter


bring on tomorrow