Feedback on the flavour pouches please!


Has anyone tried the Huel flavour pouches? If yes I would love your feedback.

For those who don’t know we now sell a range of pocuhes of just flavour and sweeteners. See here:

We use natural flavours and a natural sweetener (Stevia). Each pouch contains 150g, and the four flavours currently available are: Strawberry, Toffee, Mocha, Rhubarb and Custard. You get roughly 75 servings per pouch, making the cost just over 11p per use.

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I’ve just placed my next order which includes both the Strawberry and Toffee flavour packs.
Will post feedback as soon as they arrive.

Interested to see what others think though!

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I ordered the toffee flavour pouch and vanilla Huel on Monday (my first order). My first thoughts today upon opening the box:

  • My entire flat smells like toffee and the pouch is sticky which definitely made for an interesting first experience. Did you have a packaging problem? :stuck_out_tongue:
  • I am definitely getting the chalky/dusty taste I’ve read about on the forum. I had plain vanilla and I had to add a lot of water/ice to finish it all. I will persevere and try leaving it in the fridge for a bit.
  • My girlfriend tried the toffee flavour and while it was easy enough to add, the after taste is worse than vanilla. We’ve both tried with and without toffee and while the initial toffee flavour (although I’m not tasting toffee so much as smelling it, it just tastes sweeter to me) is nice, we both prefer plain vanilla. The after taste might be the sweetener?

We’re going to try again tomorrow but I have a feeling we’re going to have an unused toffee pouch. We think we might have enjoyed the mocha flavour more but if the after taste is the same for that I think we’ll be sticking to vanilla. :confused: I’m keen to try flavoured syrups though and will report back if I like those more.

I still have a few bags of vanilla to get through yet, but I may soon buy a week of unflavoured along with a strawberry flavour pack.

Will probably grab one next week. Trying to decide which one to go for first! Will report back.

New order plus the flavour packs arrived as quick as ever, very fast postage again which is great.

I’ve started off with the Strawberry flavour.

It’s pretty good. It doesn’t ‘transform’ the shake by any means but it makes it a little nicer for sure.
The aftertaste is fine, it kinda tastes like Sugar-Free Strawberry Jelly.
It’s definitely not overpowering and I’m happy to keep on using it.

Will try out the toffee flavour later, but I’ve had other Toffee flavoured shakes before which were rancid.
If the toffee flavour can match the strawberry one, I’ll be happy.

Strawberry: 7/10

Note. I’m using it with the Vanilla Huel, not the unflavoured version.

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Unfortunately reporting bad news on the Toffee flavour.

Luckily not as bad as other Toffee flavoured powders I’ve had, but this likely won’t be used again.

It gives the shake a stale taste in my opinion.
I might give it another try with a smaller quantity of flavoring.

Sorry to have to give a negative review, ideally I’d have loved it.

Toffee: 3/10 - The flavor is not for me, but others may enjoy it.

I will stick to the Strawberry and original flavors for now and I’ll go for the Rhubarb & Custard next time.

Only real gripe, everything I’ve bought so far, all the packs are a bit of a nightmare to close.
I did post tips in earlier threads about using a credit card to get the gunk out of the coupling/fastener but assumed it might have been a one-off.
Seems to be the case with all packs, might be worth looking into?

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Hi Tom,

Thank you for the feedback.

That is the same for all pouches I’ve ever tried. One the seal is cleared of powder they works perfectly.

Sorry about the toffee, 1 out 10 seems a bit harsh considering you said it’s not as bad as other toffee flavours you have tried.

Hi Julian,

Only difference with the other products (NOT Huel, more MyProtein and others) is that they were genuinely disgusting, could not drink and had to throw out along with the drink down the sink.

This one was just bearable. Maybe with some flavoring tweaks it could be improved - although might just be me and my fussy palette.

Have you tried the Toffee flavor yourself? If so, what do you think?

With regards to the flavoring pouches, both seals were open, both had residue and both were (and still are) very sticky because of this.

Like I said in my previous post, I’m all for Huel and will definitely keep buying the product, maybe Toffee is generally a difficult flavor to imitate?

It’s just my opinion of course, others may buy it and love it. Might just be me?

Toffee was my fav for a few weeks :slight_smile:

Then rhubarb and custard.

But now straight vanilla is Huel is the only thing I use.

Haha, it may just be me then!

I’ll be ordering the Rhubard with my next order as that definitely piqued my interest!

I think I might start adding an espresso to my morning Vanilla shakes and see how that goes.

Save the Strawberry for desert. :strawberry:

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What I used to do for that coffee taste and kick, was just add some coffee granules, shake, and drink. Save making the actual coffee. Get a few crunchy bits but does save time and effort. :smile: millicano seems to dissolve ok.


Has anybody tried the mocha one? Very curious to hear how people found it. I’m hoping as coffee and chocolate are such strong flavours it would really make for quite a different taste?

I’m about to order another month’s supply of vanilla, but will also get a week of unflavoured for testing purposes. I’m also thinking of ordering all four flavour pouches; seems a bit expensive, but I figure if each pack is good for about 15 days, assuming I stick to the 2% guideline and about 500g a day, that’s only 57p more a day, and maybe I’ll really like them (although I’ve had no issues with the vanilla flavour, and no sweet-toothed cravings; no flavour pack could reproduce steak and cheese, sadly, but I’m hoping the unflavoured will taste like a nice curry when I’m done with it).

Pity about the sugar; I know you don’t add much so it’s not really that bad, but I liked saying “4g of sugar a day” whereas it looks like these will (just) push it into double digits… but given back in the day I’d have happily wolfed down three Mars bars in a row with a pack of skittles for afterwards, I think I’ll manage. :wink:

How much caffeine are we talking about in the mocha, out of curiousity? I made a point of cutting out all caffeine quite a few months ago because my work day was fueled by black coffee and I spent my weekends sleeping (no coffee at home), but I’m assuming/hoping it’s not a significant amount.

Edit: boom, done - I’ll post feedback here next week.

I don’t have the exact amount of caffeine. You are right it can’t be too much but I did notice it personally. Caffeine always makes me we more and after using the Mocha I did wee more.

I bought two flavours with my first order: Rhubarb/Custard and Strawberry.
The pouches are extremely smelling, lol. My t-shirt smells like strawberry gum.

Only briefly tasted the custard flavour with my first small trial serve… and can´t say I liked it.
For now I’m having the plain vanilla version with no added flavours.

I’ll give you some extra feedback in the next few days.

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Strawberry wasn’t too strong. I think next time I’ll do a full teaspoon for 100g 500ml water

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ok Today’s report:

100g Huel + 500 ml H2O
1.5 teaspoons of strawberry
10 hours at 4ºC
a couple of minutes in a blender…

and it is absolutely amazing
will report on the same for rhubarb and custard tomorrow.

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I have toffee and strawberry. I really like both of them and they definitely improve the boring vanilla flavour without being overbearing. Would like a chocolate flavour :smile:

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We did try several chocolate flavours but they didn’t provide the flavour that we wanted. We are working on it.