Which flavor shachets have you tried?

Tried vanilla huel for the first time yesterday. Was ok but I wasn’t super keen on the taste.
Was thinking of getting a flavour pouch and wondered what anyone recommended?

Here are the ones I have tried:

Pineapple & Coconut - delicious!
Banana - very nice.
Strawberry - nice.
Rhubarb & Custard - okay.

Thanks Marcus that’s very helpful

Do you add to vanilla or buy the unflavoured?

I add them to vanilla. They go well with it.

I tried the unflavoured version once and wasn’t so keen on it, even with the strawberry flavouring added. But that’s just my personal preferance. Some people really like the unflavoured version.

Feedback on the flavour pouches, please

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chocolate and pineapple/coconut are my favourites. banana is alright but not a million miles away from vanilla already, but does change it enough to make it worthwhile. toffee is also nice but again, not too far away form vanilla. I haven’t tried the others yet.

I put mine in with vanilla. U/U Huel is pretty savage, even with flavouring. I can’t hack it.

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I have the vanilla Huel at the moment, and have just ordered the toffee and banana flavourings, so we’ll see how I get on with those! :slight_smile:

So I got my Huel today and banana flavouring.

I added a little too much, probably close to a full teaspoon and its a tad too sweet. i think half a teaspoon (as directions!) will be just right.

I found vanilla barely tolerable but with banana its a nice drink. I think ice cold it will be real nice and I’m contemplating trying milk or 50/50 milk and water… i think that could be something special!