Thoughts on the restocked and new flavour pouches?

When I bought the rhubarb and custard flavour pack a month back it was the only flavour left in stock, now they appear to finally have larger quantities available to purchase and I’m wondering what people’s thoughts are on the flavours and the Huel used.

The bitter stevia taste is quite noticeable with Rhubarb and Custard though it’s not completely awful if used in the right amount. Interested to know how the stevia jibes with the chocolate flavour in particular.

Toffee, chocolate, strawberry, banana and chocolate I imagine will be the best contenders (such exotic taste buds I know).

I’ve got the banana, and am really enjoying it. I’m adding it on top of the vanilla flavour which makes it a little too sweet, but I can just about stomach it.

Word of warning, if you get some on your hand, don’t lick it off - that flavours are potent!

I really want to try them all, but they come in quite large bags. I think one extra flavour bag with each months order and I’ll build up the selection. I have also added cocoa powder (I use Green and Blacks) - it’s an ‘ok’ additive.

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I’ve been using the chocolate, pineapple and coconut, and banana. Chocolate is my favorite but they are all delicious. Flavor is ten times better when it’s refrigerated. Going to try Mocha next, when I last ordered it was out of stock.


How strong is the chocolate? I have toffee and it just makes it sweeter and not really a toffee taste.


I use the unflavoured/unsweetened version and I have to say that unfortunately the Strawberry flavour is the only flavour I like, the chocolate is ok but not great, so I just have to hope the strawberry never runs out of stock as I’ll be stuck.

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Don’t worry @TimOfficeHuel will make sure will never run out again.


Can confirm. Opened bag, powder puffed up in the air, and I basically snorted airborne strawberry flavouring. Could taste it via my nose. Very unpleasant feeling. :grinning:


Sometimes I lick the teaspoon! :scream: :smile:

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You crazy man. :slight_smile:

How uncouth! :grin:

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Have tried each a few times now and at the moment my order of preference is:

  1. Mocha
  2. Chocolate
  3. Banana
  4. Toffee
  5. Strawberry
  6. Pineapple and Coconut
  7. Rhubarb and custard

I can’t really decide which order Toffee and Strawberry should be yet. For my taste buds, I think the Toffee, Pineapple and coconut and Rhubarb and custard need a little less flavour added than the others otherwise taste a bit overpowering.

  • Will definitely be getting Mocha, Chocolate, Banana again.
  • Might go for some Toffee and Strawberry now and again.
  • Probably won’t go for Pineapple and Coconut and Rhubarb and custard again.

First time I opened a bag (mocha) the kitchen smelled of it for days - which was fine, but now I keep them all in sealed containers!!


I dare you to mix them all together.

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I’d say try some combinations of flavours.

I only have Strawberry and Banana so far, but today I tried just less than half a teaspoon of banana with a touch of strawberry, and it was awesome. :smile:


Banana miles with starwberry is quite good

I find the flavours work best when you use a 50/50 mix of Vanilla & Unflavoured/Unsweetened as the base Huel. Stops them making the Huel too sweet and means you can, if you wish, add more flavouring.


At what point do you add the flavouring? I tried strawberry for the first time, added it on top of the UU powder before shaking, and couldn’t really taste anything…

I left half of it until the next day, at which point I could faintly taste strawberry, and the smell was a little different, but still not strong.

I used half a flat teaspoon.

I can’t imagine making much difference to UU, especially not half a teaspoon.

Maybe try a whole teaspoon?

Am I unusual in that I like the Matcha Tea flavour? I was considering ordering a bag of it until I saw the price… £12.50, almost twice the price of all the others.
i’m happy enough to go unflavoured, really.