Huel Toffee flavour

Im usually a mocha or chocolate flavour adder to U/U huel and thought id give something else a try . Got to say dissapointed . Use the same as choc or mocha and its a very faint taste . Anyone else notice this . Get a bit more flavour if i make it up overnight.But on the whole . Sad .

Hi Jamie, sorry that you were disappointed with the toffee. Toffee is actually my favourite flavour we do, but yes you do need to add a little more than you do with the strong flavoured chocolate, strawberry and mocha. Especially if you are using unsweetened. How much were you using? To Vanilla Huel I would usually use almost a full teaspoon of toffee to 125g of Huel.

We do suggest to adjust each flavour to your own personal taste. Everyone is different and our flavour systems all taste slightly different. Sorry that it wasn’t quite the strength you were expecting.Hope you can get the balance right.

I was only using half a spoon , will give it a try with a whole one


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I find the toffee flavour works really well combined with a banana in the mix, too. It’s a subtle flavour, but my favourite so far.

I’m trying the Rhubarb and Custard flavour at the moment and finding it quite overpowering in comparison.

Tim: any news on the flavour sample packs?

No news yet. It’s still something we want to do. There are many different ways we could achieve this. We’ll get there in the end!

R&C is quite intense, but such a nice treat every now and then without being a bad treat.

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Heaped spoon of toffee and yes its got the flavour. But think I’ll stick with choc and mocha .

Toffee is definitely less flavorful than others, I’m using it with vanilla and now only bother to add it if I’ve already added banana - banoffe huel is now my favorite flavour though, can’t recommend it enough, so will be buying more toffee when I run out. :slight_smile: