Are the flavourings worth it?

Hi All,
New to Huel and considering getting a couple of flavours just to mix it up a little!

What are peoples experiences of the flavours? Any in particular that are significantly better?

And if I am ordering Huel in a bulk amount, what quantity are people having to order to last a couple of weeks?
I am phasing Huel in so starting with Huel for lunch, then I’ll be having Huel Breakfasts and lunches… and so on!
Looking at around 2500 calories per day?


I’m really into the toffee flavour with U/U Huel. You can also add a half teaspoon of unsweetened cocoa and a teaspoon of instant coffee for a pretty great mocha milkshake…

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So far I’ve had one packet each of strawberry, chocolate and banana, which are all pretty good. They’ve also lasted me quite a long time. I think I’ve had about 9 bags of Huel since I started using it and used up nearly all the strawberry, most of the chocolate, but still plenty of banana left.

If you use 2-3g of flavour in each serving that’s somewhere between 50 and 75 servings. So maybe one packet of flavouring per 4 bags of Huel?

@cryurchin I also love the toffee!

Chocolate and Strawberry are the most popular I would say. I love the mocha too! In the future we are looking at getting some flavour samples pouches, which will be great for you to try a portion of each to get a better understanding of which are best.


Ooo I’d love flavour samples pouches! I’m enjoying the toffee right now, but would like to try the others. Especially banana, but banana flavour in things is always a gamble - it can be a lovely banana flavour, or that horrid fake synthetic banana flavour.

Day one purchase of all flavour samples from me! I wouldn’t have bought a larger pineapple and coconut, but I’d have definitely got toffee again, and maybe the rhubarb and custard. I’m intrigued by the strawberry and banana, they could really go either way…

Are there more flavours in the works e.g. before Christmas?