Strong flavours for huel?

Okie dokie. First of all I’d like to say hi :slight_smile: first time posting so bear with me here guys. Ive read through some previous forums about flavouring my huel as i embark on this diet and im having trouble getting flavour into it. Ive tried the berry combos and coffee (though i love a good cup of coffee it just wasn’t my cup of tea which i am gutted about). I am tempted to get some powdered fruit or something as you can get pouches of it on amazon.

The only flavour sachet by huel i have is the rhubarb and custard which still isnt cutting it for me and as a student, experimenting with these could get a wee bit expensive so any help about how i can seriously take my huel up a notch would be great :smile:

I recommend the MyProtein Flavdrops. I find they work really well with Huel.

Sorry but I can’t help laughing. Must be the inner programmer in me.

Sounds like another vote for a sample pack with a little of each flavour? Lots of people have asked for this. Not being able to trial them is the only thing putting me off ordering them.


I would be up for flavour samples but as theyve said before the packaging would be the issue :confused:

Ive had a look and just wondering what flavour would you suggest if you have experience with them

I bought the Toffee flavdrop from MyProtein as it had great reviews, but to be honest I’m not overly keen on it.

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Unlike ElectroDan, I recommend the Toffee flavour.

I have all (many?) the flavour pouches. As someone with a mostly savoury palate and not “dessert oriented” I have mostly enjoyed Cacao for a ‘bitter choc’ experience, plus Mocha with a teaspoons of instant coffee for breakfast. The Matcha Tea flavour is welcome break (I’m still getting used to that).

Toffee for sweet times. I don’t like Chocolate much but some days two teaspoons of instant coffee will make a workable pseudo-mocha Huel with more sweetness.

I found the Pineapple/Coconut, Strawberry, Rhubarb Custard unpalatable. The stevia comes through too strongly and tastes somewhat metallic. For my tastes, I’ve only tried Strawberry once and may never do so again.

Hope this helps. Everyone has their own tastes, I’m not getting down on anything.

I can usually tolerate a mocha but I’m not a fan of coffee really. I could use the caffeine boost though. Do you think 1tsp of chocolate powder and 2tsp of coffee has a strong coffee flavour, should I use a little less?
Cheers :slight_smile: