Newbie here

Hi all,

Just wanted to say hello, I am new to Huel and hopefully my delivery should be here tomorrow!

I did buy the additional flavourings, anyone got any other tips for when these run out?

Would also love if anyone has any tips etc… I’m all ears

Thanks :smile:

Well, what did you get? If it’s unflavored/unsweetened you’ll probably want to throw something into your Huel (although I haven’t tried it yet, so I don’t know, maybe it’ll end up palatable on its own), but if it’s flavored Huel you don’t really need to use the flavor boosts.

You can throw pretty much anything into your Huel, depending on your taste - instant coffee, cinnamon or cocoa powder are popular choices. If you can stretch your calorie goals a bit you can also blend Huel with various berries or fruit.

Hi there. If you use the search box you will find plenty of tips to read through.

Brill thanks so much! I went for vanilla and banana packs so hopefully they will be just fine on their own :slight_smile: yes coffee would probably be nice with the vanilla yummy!! And cocoa powder and cinnamon as great choices - so thank you, is always good to switch up the flavour

I will do that now, thanks :smile:

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Most frozen fruits work with vanilla.


Thank you! Excited to start :star_struck: