My Experience with Huel and Weight Loss

Hi all,
What a great community you are all building here! It was certainly one of the reasons I chose to start Huel. The main reason was to help loose weight (I’m about 8 st over what I should be). It’s great I don’t have to hunt for calorie details on everything I eat! Also the economic and environmental aspects of Huel are an added bonus. Yesterday was day 5 on 3 scoops (mixed with frozen fruit) for breakfast and lunch with a normal but healthy(ish) meal in the evening. Although weekends I’m going to try Huel for brekkie and normal lunch and dinner. So on day 5 I weighed myself and was 4lb down! I know the heavier one is the easier it is to lose and it will be harder and harder to maintain that type of loss but its certainly helped keeping my head in the game. Beer is my major downfall but I’m into quality over quantity so limiting myself to a few ales at the weekends, though its hard when the sun is out!

I ordered one bag of unsweetened and one bag of vanilla, on Day 1 I had one shake of each, I don’t think I could hack unsweetened on its own for very long, vanilla was ok but on day 2 having read advice on the forum I decided to add frozen fruit to both and it was better. Day 3 I decided to play and had one scoop of unsweetened to two of the vanilla blended with the frozen fruit it was better. Day four I think I found my Goldilocks with two unsweetened to one vanilla with the fruit. I could do two of those a day with not much grumbling taste wise. Although avoid fruit with pips!! There were blackcurrants in one of my bags of frozen fruit which caused way too much grit.

The first day I had the headaches and it took a few days for my guts to adjust but I think I got away relativley light with the side effects of the change to diet. One big positive is I rarely feel hungry and don’t need to snack.

I’m away with work next week so won’t be able to use Huel but I’ll be back on it the week after and looking forward to trying new ways to flavour it. I’m going to add in some trips to the gym to help with the weight loss. Sorry for the essay but really wanted to share my thoughts with the collective experience on the forum in the hope it may help someone in the way many of the posts on here have helped me.

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Very best of luck and enjoy your journey.

Same for me, being able to regulate your calorie intake without needing a degree in food science is the key. Once you get into it you might want to try going all Huel in the week. I find that if I have all Huel days on Mon to Thursday then one normal meal Fri, Sat and Sun it’s pretty easy (saving a fortune in lunch at work too).

Frozen fruit is wonderful stuff and pretty much the only thing I ever add to the Huel. The flavourings and sweeteners are just too synthetic for my palette - the more Huel I do the more this type of thing taste 'orrible

It’s an exciting way to diet - enjoy

Great read! I’ve just started Huel today - one per day for now.

Struggling with the taste a bit. When you say you can add frozen fruit, is that literally straight from the freezer and added to your blender/juicer?

Thanks. And Good luck!

Thank you! Yeah I take them straight from the freezer and stick them in the water and huel and use a hand blender which does the job nicely.

That’s great to know, thanks. Think it will improve the taste for me.

I’ve got 4 stones to lose and have signed up for a marathon to help!

It should certainly help with the taste. On Huel a week now and I’m feeling better than I have in years. I have so much more energy. Good luck!

That’s great to know - will check back in your progress!

Thanks for sharing. Keep us informed. I too need to lose weight and my problem is beer. I drink heavily every home football game. But this weekend, I had a three scoop Huel for breakfast, then got on a Boris Bike for 20 minutes, walked to the stadium for 40 minutes before drinking, eating and doing the same on the return. I only put on 0.3kg!

Yes, just take a handful of whatever and dump it in the blender. Turns Huel into a thick fruit smoothie. I like strawberry and other sweet fruits

Same here, frozen fruit works amazing with HUEL.

My second order is on it’s way!

Great to hear from you, all the best and keep us posted on your progress. Welcome to the family!

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