First full day on Huel for weight loss

So I am using Huel primarily to lose weight - I’m using 100g per 550ml water - 3x per day = 1200kcal - day one has gone really well - not felt hungry at all which I am surprised about.

Mixing Huel - I tried Huel when it arrived at work on Friday with the Huel shaker and it was a little bit lumpy so last night I made up a batch using my blender, left it overnight in the fridge - much much improved - I’m going to batch mix from now on and just take two shakers into work

Sweeteners - I ordered 3 flavourings from MyProtein (Berry, Tropical and Rhubarb Custard) which arrived today and tried them out with Huel tonight - for me they make it a little too sweet and sickly and I have a sweet tooth - I actually I prefer the natural vanilla taste as it’s got an oaty / malty flavour which I have actually grown to like now that I’ve had a few.

I’ll post up some results in about a week - I"m not going exclusively Huel as I have a fairly active social life - but I intend to be using Huel every day with the exeption of Friday and Saturday nights when I usually dine out.


Maybe one day, pubs and cafes will serve Huel.

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