First time Huel-er

I’ve started my journey with Huel yesterday having ordered it last week.

After a period of down time from the usual levels of exercise (due to work commitments over the past 6 months), I’m getting back into it and focusing on my diet and working regime.

To start with, my plan with Huel is to use it for 1 meal a day, at the moment breakfast. I got the unflavoured version and I’m using the mocha flavouring with a shot of espresso. Definitely find blending with ice is the best way to go.

I’m exciting to see if/how Huel effects my performance at the gym as well as if any weight/fat loss increases due to Huel.

My starting weigh in was 103.2kg, with an aim to get back to my original weight of around 75/80kg, which is more than achievable.

I’ll do my best to update on here as i go, probably weekly at the moment unless anything magical happens in the mean time!



your story sounds a lot like my own. I’m trying huel twice a day so far. it’s been tricky but huels filling nature helps.

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Day 3 and have experimented again. Made todays batch last night and left in the fridge overnight. Have put 2 espresso’s in this morning to see if that helps at all.

Every day it gets a bit easier to stomach but i honestly can’t taste the Huel flavourings at all, even without the espresso.