New Hueler - 2 weeks in

I’m really enjoying my Huel journey so far. I usually don’t break my fast in the morning, but I do at times. I haven’t really been brave enough to do Huel + water like so many on here. I ordered a 22 oz cup for the bullet and have been using a handful of frozen fruit combined with two scoops and milk. Some days I splash a bit of chocolate syrup on it. Others it’s a spoonful of espresso. So far I have been feeling lighter and have been happier with the convenience of it all. I’ve lost 4 pounds since September, but don’t know how much of that is attributable to Huel at all, given I’ve only been on the product 2 weeks.

I would say I am only 70% to 75% Huel at this point. I take a normal meal when I can with a friend.

Some intestinal discomfort initially was easy enough to remedy with activated charcoal, though I am going to try to switch to fennel instead should stomach business persist.

My first shipment was not a subscription, but I have just subscribed. I will be taking my Huel home for the holidays to share with family and friends to see if it would meet their prospective use cases as well.

Thank you Huel team for a great product.

Hi there! Welcome to the Huel community! It’s great to have you on board and to hear about your Huel experiences. What do you mean by you not being brave enough to try Huel and water? Huel and water is great and means you aren’t adding or adjusting the nutrient profile!

Espresso is a great hack! Try using instant coffee too as the flavour is very similar. But it sounds like it’s going well, hopefully the discomfort will quieten down. If it doesn’t then just reduce the amount of Huel you are eating/the portion size as you may have taken it to 70% too soon.

Thanks for upgrading to subscription and you’re most welcome! Roll on 2018!

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I am now using huel plain, but still using milk as my base and not water.